Day 1- Judy Woodruff

Today, I got up around 10:00 a.m., had breakfast, and went straight to my PC in my room. I had gone to bed rather late, at about 1. a.m., because I was still refreshing the page over and over again like an idiot to see if that would increase readership for my blog! Finally, I noticed that I had one comment, from a friend who owns the voice-over company I work as a talent for, SunSpots Productions. His words of encouragement floored me! He wrote that I had a “positive attitude,” and said I am “destined for great success.”

Now, of course I’m hoping that what he said about me is true, but what really overwhelmed me was the fact that my first blog comment came from a very unlikely person, one who works full-time, has a business to run, and lives in a different state. That he took the time to read what I had written and offer to be of help to my cause, means the world to me. So, this is why I had trouble getting to sleep last night– I was wired. I was so overjoyed that I cried like a little frickin’ schoolgirl! So, I thank my friend Tom, and everyone who has referred others to my blog, because you really will be the heroes behind this daunting (to me!) project.

A very special thanks to my friend and former journalism professor Ken, who planted the tiny seed that was the idea that blossomed into this blog, over two years ago.

But now, on to the gravy. Today, I E-mailed Judy Woodruff, co-anchor for the PBS program “NewsHour with Jim Lehrer,” and veteran journalist extraordinaire. Since I am awaiting her reply, let me give you all a little bit of background on the person I wrote to. Ms. Woodruff’s husband is journalist Al Hunt, and they have three children, including a son with spina bifida. For the past 20 years, Ms. Woodruff has hosted an annual roast in Washington, D.C., where politicians get to roast a distinguished member of the press in order to raise funds and awareness for spina bifida. Now, as an “aspiring journalist,” (the term I include in my signature for my E-mails!) of course I’d love to have the opportunity to attend this prestigious affair someday. But more importantly, I want people to know who I am and to know what I am fighting for.


It would be a dream come true to be able to thank her in person for all that she does for people with SB!

I’m going to continue to ask all of you to please send or forward my URL to all of your friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers and household pets. Ask them to do the same. Also, besides this “letter campaign marathon” that I have committed myself to, I additionally would love for this to be a place where all of you can send me your questions and concerns about spina bifida. Feel free to share your thoughts with me, either via a comment on my blog, or through an E-mail message. If it is a question that I feel is relevant to many in the SB community, or the world at large, I will answer it through a blog posting. I am fully committed to educating people about what it is like to live with SB.

Thank you so much for your support, guys! It cannot be done without you!

God Bless,

Laura  😉



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2 responses to “Day 1- Judy Woodruff

  1. Kevin Olivas

    This is a fantastic blog. There is always a need for great journalists to tell stories that we need to learn about, but which are not being told. Laurita Tellado Calderon is doing just that with this blog.¡Buena suerte, Laurita!Kevin OlivasParity Project DirectorNational Assoc. of Hispanic Journalists

  2. Marisa Treviño

    Laurita,Just came across your blog and want to congratulate you for sharing your story with everyone. I will definitely let Latina Lista readers know about it and your quest to find a national spokesperson. Also, there might be something we can do together. Please email me.All the best,Marisa TreviñoPublisher of Latina Lista

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