Day 2- Larry King


Hello, friends, Romans, countrymen (and women)…

On the agenda for today is CNN veteran newsman Larry King, who, in 2007, celebrated his 50 years of television broadcasting.

Indeed, for generations, Mr. King has made his way into our living rooms and into our hearts, and he is well-loved by many for his innate ability to make his interviewees comfortable, while still asking the tough questions everybody wants answered.

I E-mailed him via a special form on the show’s site at I didn’t find a specific address to send it to by way of my personal E-mail, which , by the way, is Feel free to send me any additional questions or concerns at that address. I got an automated reply, which means they did receive my message. I’ll update with news of any personal reply if and when (God willing!) that occurs.

God Bless you all,

Laurita  😉


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