Special Update: Judy Woodruff

Hi all,

Due to a massive attack of post-nasal-drip-allergy-whatnot, I will make this very brief, and then I’ll head straight for bed!

I apologize for not notifying you guys of this sooner, but I am working hard on getting this blog to as many people as I can.

Just a few short hours after sending Judy Woodruff an E-mail, she replied! I mean, it was the same day! Her message was brief, but I will add that she was on vacation, and she responded anyway from her Blackberry. I’m not very good with paraphrasing, so I’ll just tell you what she said, She wrote,


Dear Laura,

Hi, it’s so nice to hear from you and to learn about your goals – including the blog. You must be courageous indeed to have come so far and to be progressing in college. I’m on vacation this week with family but will try to check out your blog. It sounds like a great idea. I will tell you I have worked with the Spina Bifida Association for a number of years to identify a well-known person or celebrity to be an advocate, but have not had success, other than the wonderful individuals who have served as roastees, from Tim Russert to Larry King, Stephen Colbert and Don Imus, or Andrea Mitchell and Lesley Stahl. I certainly hope you have good luck!
I’ll be back in touch after I look at your blog.

Best regards,



Needless to say, I was thrilled! Even though I had imagined what a wonderful person she had to be in order to devote so much time and energy to a worthy cause, I never dreamed she would be so considerate as to reply immediately, and while vacationing with her family, no less.

I believe this is a true testament to the ultimate power of reaching out to people. Up until yesterday afternoon, she didn’t even know I existed. But now she knows my name, and genuinely has an idea of where I’m coming from.

So, thanks to all of you who are making this dream of mine come true. In case anyone is keeping score, today my blog had 82 views, for a grand total of 112 views since I began writing on Sunday! Well, good night, my friends. If I don’t get to bed soon, all you’ll be reading is a bunch of zzzzzzzzzz.

😉 God Bless,


P.S. Well, what do you know– apparently, I don’t understand the meaning of “brief.”  🙂



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3 responses to “Special Update: Judy Woodruff

  1. Paola

    I’m impressed that Stephen Colbert has advocated for Spina Bifida! Maybe you should send him a letter as well.

  2. Laura

    I definitely should!

  3. Paola

    Maybe you should write a book so you can be interviewed by him on his show… just a thought! 🙂

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