Day 6- U2

Hi friends!

I hope you are all enjoying your Labor Day weekend. Mom and I are both doing a little better, although still under the weather. Even so, we managed to have a very busy and productive day!

I fasted until about 1 p.m. because I had some bloodwork done. (It’s nothing to worry about– just routine tests!) Then, I got a free McCafé and finished my breakfast at Whole Foods. (I LOVE Whole Foods!) After buying a  second cup of coffee (I spilled the first– can’t a girl get a freebie?), I got to work. Before leaving home, Mom and I printed some flyers to promote the blog. We talked to business managers, and got one posted at Whole Foods, Panera Bread, Dr. Phillips High School (my alma mater– Go Panthers!) and the local public library.

I was exhausted by the time I came home, but it was totally worth it.

But let me cut to the chase. Today, I E-mailed the band U2. YES, U2! As many of you may know, frontman Bono is a great philanthropist, and he is devoted to good causes that span the entire globe. And here’s an interesting fact: Ireland, their homeland, actually maintains the highest incidence rates of Spina Bifida in the world.

Well, since as of yet I have not received any other replies from the people I’ve written to, that is probably all I have to say about that. Now, on to a few thank-yous that are in order.

I would like to again thank my former journalism professor, Ken Carpenter, who has been extremely supportive of this idea from the get-go. He is also a good friend, and I can always talk to him about my idealistic plans in support of the cause.

Also, I would like to thank Kevin Olivas of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, of which I am a student member. He is the director of NAHJ’s Parity Project, and has reached out to me on a number of occasions and has inspired me to turn my physical challenge into something entirely positive.

I am extremely grateful to my friend Sara (Sarita) Fajardo, of Catholic Relief Services, and previously, a photographer for Orlando Sentinel, for repeatedly recognizing in me the potential that I often fail to see myself. She also looks after me during NAHJ parties, just like a big sister!

Last but certainly not least, I want to give a big thank-you to my cousin, Kaemi (Kimmy) Vélez, who lives in Puerto Rico. She has been mobilizing her friends via MySpace (whether they understand English or not!) to read this, and she has always been a younger sister to this only, often lonely, child. I wish I could meet you in Manhattan for a rock concert (again)!

Please do not forget you can always E-mail me your ideas about who I should write to. Seriously, I need them. I kind of forgot that a year equals 365 days, so, even though I feel confident I can do this, I’d still love to pick your brains! Also, some celebs are harder to get in touch with, so if you know of someone, and know an alternate way to reach them, please share at:

Thanks, God Bless, and talk to you tomorrow!

Laurita  😉

It will be a "Beautiful Day" when they contact me!  :-)

It will be a "Beautiful Day" when they contact me! 🙂


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