Day 10- Orlando Magic

Y’all ready for this?

Being an O-Town girl at ♥, I couldn’t wait to contact my hometeam to see if they’ll accept the challenge. So, I sent an E-mail to Community Relations on the team’s site, as well as another message to the Dwight D. Howard Foundation, which provides scholarships to his alma mater (a private school in Atlanta), and has basketball summer camps for kids.

He comes from a family that has encouraged community service– and a passion for basketball! Howard is also deeply religious, and continues to be involved with youth programs at his church in Atlanta.

In general, the “NBA Gives Back” program is amazing. I plan to continue writing to other “team players” (meaning teams!) to see if any of them will get involved with this.


If he were to support SB, that cape would take on a whole different meaning!

But, I guess I’ll call it a night for now. I’m tired. I spent the day at UCF (I take the shuttle from Rosen College to the main campus every Tuesday and Thursday.) and had two classes. I tell you, commuting from one end of the campus to the other in a manual wheelchair is no easy task! Of course, I always manage on my own, the same way my “walking” counterparts manage. (I’m a very proud person– I guess you will interpret that in your own way.) I don’t know. Maybe it’s unhealthy, but the way I see it, every human being is deserving of some personal dignity. Sometimes people will come up to my chair (I won’t see them of course– they come from behind) and start pushing me with a big, ridiculous grin on their face. I hate that.

Don’ t they know how it would feel it someone walked up to them and grabbed them by the hand?


I’m not trying to “rant” here, but you guys deserve the truth. Remember, living with a “physical challenge” that partly impairs your movement is only part of it. The rest of my “disability” is at the hands of society. How you choose to treat me is up to YOU.

So far, all of you have been great.


Laurita  😉


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  1. Paola

    I really hope they answer your message! You know how many people will start to support SB if the Magic team supports it?! A gazillion.THAT’S a lot of people! he he 🙂

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