Day 12- Tyra Banks

Congratulations, Tyra! You’re still in the running towards becoming “America’s Next Top Hero.”

I E-mailed “The Tyra Banks Show,” and gave what I thought was a heartfelt appeal to appear on the show and share my (our) story.

A supermodel who has broken barriers for African-American women, Tyra Banks is a seasoned pro. She also loves to give back, and funds her own foundation. (And I’m NOT just talking about make-up!) The organization sponsors TZONE, an annual camp experience for teenage girls that aims to instill self-confidence in them. TZONE now exists to helps women and girls with low incomes through a host of programs.

In my message, I explained how living with spina bifida has taught me to be “fierce” (her favorite buzzword!) yet compassionate. I tried to bare as much of my soul as I could in that brief E-mail. Of course, Tyra took us ALL by surprise in the season premiere of her show when she bared…her hair!

I’ve been getting a lot of positive comments from readers, and I am so deeply encouraged by you all for reaching out to me! One reader asked me if he could send a donation to me. While I truly appreciate all of your support, I will not be accepting donations. I mean, I am not a non-profit organization per sé, so it would not be ethically sound for me to do so. (Yes I know you all think I’m insane for saying no!) I will direct everyone offering donations to the Spina Bifida Association of America, because they are responsible for all educational, quality-of-life programs, and research that deals with spina bifida.

Now, that being said, I have nothing against any of you spreading the word about this blog. At home, I’ve been printing some basic flyers and posting them in local public places or businesses. If you have access to a printer, feel free to get creative with advertising! Make sure to include the URL for this site on any and all propaganda. (I only say this because it is exactly the kind of mistake yours truly would make!) It is:

If you have any questions, ideas, or thoughts, don’t hesitate to E-mail me at

Thanks for all that you guys do. I love you all!

Laurita  😉

She's a model of hard work and perseverance.

She's a model of hard work and perseverance.


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