Day 16- Ryan Seacrest

On the small screen, he is the sympathetic host of "Idol." His charitable works have shown him to also be a sympathetic human being.

On the small screen, he is the sympathetic host of "Idol." His charitable works have shown him to also be a sympathetic human being.

I will make this brief as I seem to be experiencing serious technical difficulties. I E-mailed Ryan Seacrest on the Web site for his radio show. As the host of “American Idol, he has participated in the “Idol Gives Back” special, as well as the “Malaria No More” initiative.

I might also add that I am somewhat freaked out by my computer right now. In addition to having major issues with my server, as I type, my text is invisible to me, save when I highlight the words with my mouse. That being said, please forgive any typos. My stomach is feeling much better today, and I had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. One of the biggest crises I am finding as an adult with spina bifida is that I am in the awkward transition period where I must soon stop seeing my pediatric specialists (my neurosurgeon, urologist and orthopedic surgeon), but I had not yet found a general practitioner whom I felt was experienced enough and well-equipped to handle a patient with SB. Well, I think I did find an excellent one! But it is an issue that deserves more discussion. The medical field, as of yet, seems incompetent at dealing with the reality that people with SB, which is often regarded as a “childhood condition,” do, in fact, grow up. And quite often, they find themselves in “medical limbo,” with no one to turn to for their very unique, specialized problems.

I hate to leave the conversation at that, because I wish I had answers for you. All I can say is that I hope this blog will soon become a forum for adults who are struggling with these same issues, so that they can share their experiences, and others who have found solutions can also share their resources.

“Seacrest Out!”

Laurita 😉

P.S. I want to express my most heartfelt sympathy for the family and friends of actor Patrick Swayze. May you all find comfort and solace in God during this difficult time.



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2 responses to “Day 16- Ryan Seacrest

  1. Hey Laurita-
    Sorry things aren’t going to well today. 😦
    Have you thought about producing some Youtube videos with your story and quest in the vids?

    • Laura

      Hey Tom–

      I actually HAVE considered the video thing…funny you mentioned it! I’m becoming aware of the fact that people respond to graphics and visuals, and even if it doesn’t do much in actually EXPLAINING spina bifida, perhaps there is something to be said for showing readers the person they are actually reading about.

      It would definitely make for a deeper intimacy with my readers.

      Thanks! I’m glad we’re on the same page, because I honestly wasn’t sure if people would like that or not. 🙂

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