Day 18- Josh Groban


Go ahead, Paola-- make me your screensaver!

My friend Paola is probably extremely irritated with me right now, because I refused to tell her who I wrote to today until she found out on my blog! The only hint I gave was “Think ‘GLEE!'” That’s right– because singer/songwriter Josh Groban is appearing as a guest star on the new FOX series “GLEE!” tonight. (I really hope I make it back home from the library in time to tune in at 9 p.m.)

A truly talented tenor, he began his vocal career working with producer and arranger David Foster, and rehearsed as a stand-in for Andrea Bocelli at the 1999 Grammys.  He has performed with classical and contemporary performers alike, among them Céline Dion, Sarah Brightman, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Nick Carter and Enrique Iglesias.

With Foster’s guidance, he has lent his voice for a number of charitable events, such as VH1 Save the Music (2005), Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope (2005), and the David Foster and Friends Charity Gala (2006). He performed with the African Children’s Choir during the “Idol Gives Back” special (2007), and, after a trip to South Africa where he met with Nelson Mandela, he established the Josh Groban Foundation, which aims to help children in need through healthcare, education, and the arts.

He appears to be so renowned for his philanthropy, that, for his 27th birthday, his fans set out to raise $27,000 for charity to benefit a Noah’s Ark children’s orphanage in South Africa. They raised $44,227.

For more information about the Josh Groban Foundation and its partner charities, visit: .

Aside from that, it was a somewhat productive day. I also sent an E-mail to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation about this cause, so I hope that I’m putting enough eggs in our basket to receive a considerable response!

No word from any other celebs yet– believe me, as soon as I hear something, I will tell you! If any of you have any direct contact information for any person you think I could write to, please let me know. I do have a growing list of people that I keep in a notebook, but that could change. Also, I am especially interested in finding out how to communicate directly with talk shows, both day and nighttime. These programs get a lot of viewers, and it would be great to be able to get the message out in front of millions of people!

Well, I must leave you all now. I have another long day at UCF tomorrow. I do want to remind you to please keep fighting for this initiative. post flyers, make phone calls, or send E-mails. Whatever works to get the word out. Thank you, because all of your kind thoughts, words and actions really uplift me. You continually “Raise Me Up!” But, now it’s really “Time to Say Goodbye” (for now).


God Bless,

Laurita  😉


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  1. Paola

    Tu respuesta ” Un Dia Llegara” (Josh Groban song) :)I’m soo happy! 🙂

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