Day 20- Soledad O’Brien

Yes, I know it’s a little late! I had a busy day today. I went to Best Buy with Mom where the new HP computer that usually resides in my room will be hospitalized for about a week. (Yes, it sucks– particularly for a daily blogger.)

I also have two exams on Tuesday when I go to UCF, so your prayers are appreciated!


Soledad and I at the 2007 NAHJ Scholarship Banquet in NYC.

I E-mailed CNN anchor and correspondent Soledad O’Brien, whom I had the pleasure of meeting several years ago at a scholarship banquet in Manhattan for the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ, which consists of some of my most ardent supporters!).

Soledad is of Irish and Cuban heritage, and was co-anchor for CNN’s “American Morning” from 2003 to 2007. (She worked alongside my good friend, Bill Hemmer, who currently co-anchors on FOX News’ “America’s Newsroom.”)

Currently, she is anchor and special correspondent for CNN. Most recently, she has worked on projects that highlight the struggles and triumphs that minorities face. “Black in America 2” was aired this year, and “Latino in America” will air next month.

Soledad was a quite obvious choice as a possible hero, since she is both Latina (and Latinos are the ethnic group with the highest incidence rate of spina bifida!) and Irish (and Ireland is the country with the highest incidence rate).

In person, Soledad is very unguarded and approachable, a genuine girl-next-door. I was close to a breakdown before I met her, but she immediately put me at ease! Soon, we were talking like old “amigas!”

So, I will sign off for now. Keep following for updates, as I will be working on a few “goodies” in the coming weeks! (Although, bear with me– right now, I am working from a PC that has just the basics, no frills. How I would love to have a geek for a friend! Boys, inquire within.)

A special thank-you tonight to my beloved uncle, Ivan Calderon, for his uplifiting words of encouragement! Te amo, Tio! He is the director of an all-men’s musical group called “Segreles,” from Sacred Heart University in Puerto Rico, and they have traveled extensively and competed (and won!) at music competitions in several countries in Europe. (Please enlist all the guys in this cause!)

If you are curious, check out their music! It is really cool. Here’s the link to their Web site:

Well, I’m gonna call it a night. Many blessings to you all!


Laurita šŸ˜‰


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