Day 24- Michelle Obama

She became a celebrity practically over night with the election of her husband as President of the United States. Still, Michelle Obama maintains that her girls are her number one priority, and that she wants to ensure that they have a normal childhood, despite growing up in the White House.

The new First Lady has only been “in office” since January, but already she is making her indelible mark in fashion– and in the nonprofit sector, as well. This past summer, she and the President unveiled a new initiative called “United We Serve,” which encouraged Americans to participate in service projects. The program ended on Sept. 11.

Also, since moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., she has actively promoted a healthier lifestyle for America. Early in March, she invited a group of 23 fifth-graders from a local school in Washington to help her plant an organic vegetable garden, in hopes that it would encourage youngsters and their families to eat healthy.


And while it would seem controversial to some for me to contact a political figure of either party, I feel it would be completely remiss of me to ignore the fact that she is a leader, a role model, and a trend-setter. As Mrs. Obama goes, so goes the nation. Let us hope that her path takes her in the direction of advocacy for people with spina bifida.

And now, a brief note: I received a reply from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. You may recall that I contacted them on Sept. 16, (which was “Day 18- Josh Groban.” Although, according to the foundation representative who responded to me, Mr. and Mrs. Gates “must respectfully decline” due to their “current level of commitments,” she added, “We are encouraged by your enthusiasm and dedication to helping others with this condition, and are full of hope for what you will achieve in the future.”

Friends, this is not by any means a “rejection letter.” It is simply a wooden log to add to the sparks that will become the fire that is already in our hearts for this cause. It is indeed, our level of commitment, not theirs, that will determine whether or not we achieve success with this endeavor.

Buenas noches for now,

Laurita 😉


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