Day 25- Rick Sánchez

Once in a while there will come along a journalist who is an innovator in every sense of the word. These distinguished members of the media, no matter how long their trajectory in the business, embrace convergence and new media technology, instead of eschewing it.

CNN’s Rick Sánchez is one of those people. A good journalist knows that, nowadays, in order to stay relevant, you must stay connected.


Rick and I at the UNITY '08 convention in Chicago!

As an anchor for CNN, Rick uses the latest technological fads in order to stay connected with his viewers, and allow them to play a crucial role in the newsmaking process. He is on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, and he updates them all religiously. Also, as a Cuban-American, Rick has shed light on many issues pertaining to Latinos.

He won an Emmy award for his documentary series titled “Cuando Salí de Cuba” (“When I left Cuba”). And, in all that he does, he is indeed a very hands-on reporter! He covered Hurricane Katrina, which helped win CNN a Peabody award. And, he was on the scene during Hurricane Andrew, as well as at Ground Zero after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11.

In short, when there’s a story breaking, you can bet that Rick is already on it! The high incidence of Spina Bifida, especially among Latinos, is a story worth telling. Let’s pray that he decides to share it with the world.

In other news, I did promise an announcement of some sort today, didn’t I? Today, I attended an event at Valencia Community College, held at their Criminal Justice Institute, called “Community Conversations.” The keynote speaker was Juan Sepúlveda of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans. Of course, I reserved a seat at this function because I wanted the opportunity to address issues of importance to me (to us!) before the community.

The event was televised, and after Mr. Sepúlveda briefed us on the different minority-focused programs that the White House is spearheading, he opened the floor for six volunteers to come up to the front and share their concerns. (Guess who flew right out of her seat!) I was actually the first one to speak, and I shared my background as a Latina with spina bifida, the efforts I made towards improving accessibility on my previous college campus, and the new efforts with my blog.

Afterwards, I was approached by Luis Zaragoza of the Orlando Sentinel, who interviewed me. I was also interviewed by Homán Machuca of Telemundo Orlando! Homán informed me that the segment would air tonight, at 6 p.m.! (So, those of you with TiVo, you know what to do, he he!)

Also, there may be a story in print about me and my blog in the near future, but as of yet, I have no details. Let’s just hope for the best– fingers crossed!

And now, I must leave you. I’m actually afraid I won’t get home in time to watch it– I’m at Valencia. Please continue supporting this initiative by sharing the link with everyone, and you know that comments are always appreciated!


Love, Laurita 😉


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  1. Ken Carpenter

    Great stuff! Looking forward to seeing the video and reading the stories!

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