Day 36- Stephen Colbert


As a recent "roastee," Colbert has helped the spina bifida cause in the past as only he knows how-- through humor.

As a recent "roastee," Colbert has supported the spina bifida cause by what he does best-- humor.

Today I received some pretty encouraging E-mails from readers of this blog. The first was from Dawn, known as “Wenchie,” who has been kind enough to share the link with others who visit the online forums (more like shrines!) for Bill Hemmer. She offered some invaluable advice to me!

Another uplifting message came from Megan, who has a daughter with spina bifida. Thank you both for making yet another otherwise frustrating day more hopeful, especially in the wake of the latest disappointment: my letter to Bruce Springsteen was returned by the postal service.  😦   It feels like I’ve hit a dead end with that.

But, I will not give up or lose hope. There are plenty of celebrities out there who need– and want– a cause! I’d like to reiterate my request that anyone with bonafide contact information for any possible candidate please share it!

I wrote an E-mail and copied several producers, executives, directors, assistants (you name it!) for Comedy Central, in hopes of reaching both Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. Today I will tell you all about Stephen Colbert. He is best known as a political satirist for portraying a very extremist, right-wing political pundit.

The real Stephen Colbert is actually much more balanced– both politically and mentally. And, he maintains his strong faith and family values. Colbert has also been an avid supporter of some genuinely noble causes, such as Autism Speaks, Save the Children, Comic Relief, and the Global Fund for Women.

But, closest to my heart is the event he took part in last November, at the Annual Roast for Spina Bifida, a fundraiser held in Washington, D.C. where the politicians get to roast a member of the media. This tradition was begun by Judy Woodruff (refer to “Day 1”) twenty years ago, and Colbert served as the roastee this time. Leave it to him to find a hilarious, self-deprecating way to raise money for charity!

Well, I must leave you all for now. I have to wash my hair, and there are still a few E-mails on the to-do list!

I really do love getting feedback from you guys. You all are the absolute best! E-mail at: Keep sending ideas and questions my way!


Laurita  ♥



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2 responses to “Day 36- Stephen Colbert

  1. Wenchie


    You had me LOL at that, cause there is some truth to what you say. 🙂

    Poor guy.

    Bruce doesnt know what kind of opportunity he is passing up!! 🙂

    His loss for sure. HA! 😀

  2. Wenchie

    Oh yea, an after thought (needed some coffee to kick the brain into thinking mode)

    Look forward to seeing where (and if) Celine Dion makes your “heros” list.

    I understand she is just a sweetheart of a lady, very compassionate and has been very supportive of the cystic fibrosis cause…

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