Day 42- Jimmy Kimmel



Actor, late-night host, and producer Kimmel still makes time for nonprofit charities.

Well, guys, it’s only 323 days to go on this mission for spina bifida awareness! But, who’s counting ? Anyway, I’m in absolutely no hurry to say goodbye to all of you. At least, I hope, at this point more plans will be set into motion for our cause. Any (free) publicity is always appreciated! That’s why I was so happy to finally get the “Telemundo” video onto YouTube. I mean, this is where everyone most likely dreams of broadcasting their videos, especially if they’re not-for-profit.

I sent an E-mail to ABC for “Jimmy Kimmel Live” today. As host of a late-night talk show, Kimmel is very popular and well-known. But his career did not begin in television. He was the host, the sports guy and other personalities on several FM radio shows. In 1999, he was co-star of the Comedy Central program “Win Ben Stein’s Money,” and he also co-hosted “The Man Show” with Adam Carolla.

For a funny guy, Kimmel certainly shows a lot of heart! In March, Kimmel, along with Sarah Silverman, Adam Sandler, and other celebrities, donated memorabilia for the Elephant Project Auction, which benefits the Alzheimer’s Association. In May, he donated his tie to Career Gear, a nonprofit that assists disadvantaged men in obtaining and retaining employment. Kimmel is also a supporter of the Jonsson Cancer Center at UCLA.

Well, I must go for now– I’m going to hang out at the mall for a bit with my cousin and his girlfriend. Love you both!

And I love all of you.

And, that’s the way the cookie crumbles,

♥ Laurita


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