Day 44- Disney-ABC Television Group


This was definitely a much better day for me, thanks to the support of so many of you! To be honest, you have all helped me put things into perspective. We are going to accomplish this!

I failed to mention that yesterday’s idea for writing to Dove came from my new friend, Nick Phillips. Thanks, Nick! I like to give credit where credit is due. So many of you have been racking your brains to help out, and I don’t easily forget that.

I sent an E-mail message to Zenia Mucha, who is executive vice president of Corporate Communications for the Walt Disney Company. Actually, I found a good page with some really great Disney-ABC contacts, so don’t be surprised if I dedicate a few more entries to this enterprise! It is my personal belief that it is imperative to reach out to Disney. Their entire brand has been formed on the premise that “dreams come true.” In fact, in a very appropriate twist of fate, I was actually named the 2002 “Disney Dreamer and Doer” during my freshman year of high school. I definitely mentioned that in my E-mail. I wanted her to know that, while that was a big accomplishment for me, I still didn’t have access to the resources I am using now.

Okay, so my message was pretty cheesy…something along the lines of “it takes a village of ‘dreamers’ to accomplish a goal.” Yep. Those were my words, verbatim. Previously Ms. Mucha had been senior vice president of Communications for the ABC Broadcast Group and the ABC Television network, as well as for other divisions of ABC. In addition to other responsibilities, Ms. Mucha “supervised various other activities, such as public service campaigns, audience information, internal publications and the ABC Foundation.

In other news, I have received an E-mail tonight from Pantene. Unfortunately, according to the person who replied, “We focus our product donations at the national level through Feeding America.” But, they added, “Also, the P&G Fund contributes nationally to other agencies such as the American Red Cross, The American Red Cross Armed Forces Emergency Services Department, The US Department of Defense, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, UNICEF, CARE, and United Way International.” That, of course, merits applause! I understand the hesitation of all the big corporations to support the questionable initiative of spearheaded by a 22-year-old girl. But, ladies and gentlemen, that is what a grassroots effort is.

I may be creating a “Causes” page for Facebook in the near future. But, I’m not exactly sure when, and I don’t want to stretch myself too thin! Thanks to all of you who left really supportive comments on my Facebook page and on my blog: Julie, Wenchie, Leigh, Amber, and Dawn. You inspire me!


Laura  ♥


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