Day 47- Liberty Mutual


It’s a good thing I don’t have class on Fridays…I can sleep in tomorrow if I want! I am going on perhaps my forth or fifth day of some major sleep-deprivation due to homework…and blogging. He he. Funny.

It was a long day, despite the fact that I had only one class. Unfortunately, I was very tired and really didn’t get much done while on campus save for reading excerpts from a couple of books at Barnes & Noble and indulging in a tall caffé vanilla frappuccino.


Responsibility- what's your policy? Awareness for Spina Bifida is MY policy!

I E-mailed Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, simply because I love their awesome commercials about what “responsibility” is. One of them, you may recall, showed different individuals being helped– then paying it forward.

Another T.V. ad (my personal favorite!) shows a young woman in a wheelchair and her long journey out the door, across the streets, on the bus, off the bus…and straight into the polls to cast her vote. It is a powerful spot that to me, brings home the oft-forgotten point that people with physical challenges have a civic responsibility, as well, and many act on it and serve or represent their communities.

Well, I think that if I don’t go to bed soon, I might cry. (LOL!) And, by the way– thanks again to the members of the Osceola County Correctional Department for their incredible moral support. Also, I want to thank my very good friend, Leon Finkler, for his amazing pep talk! (And a preemptive “nice haircut!”) to you. You’re absolutely right– I’m not “reinventing the wheel,” I’m just finding another use for it. Then, I’m gonna take it for a serious ride!

Hold on to your hats, people.


Laurita  ♥


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  1. Nick P

    I like their ads too… I am very opinionated and I vote on it at every chance I get. Anyone needs to get their voices heard… physically challenged or not.Yes advocacy isn’t new… your approach using a blog is! SBA should embrace this idea and implement it into their own site. No class on FRIDAY! lucky! Sleep in long and rest well my friend.

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