Day 49- Ty Pennington


By rebuilding homes, Pennington is restoring dreams.

Ty Pennington never runs out of steam. At 44, he’s got way more energy than two 22-year-olds! (That’s TWO of me– imagine that.)

Pennington, a carpenter, is host of ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” in which, with the help of a team of design and construction experts, he rebuilds or renovates the homes of deserving families. As upbeat as it is poignant, “Extreme Makeover” is one of those rare shows that truly touches the soul and inspires people to get involved with their communities. I actually watched three consecutive episodes today! (So, you can assume that this is what led to writing to him today.)

I actually had written a letter to Ty several months ago, basically asking him to become the spokesperson for spina bifida (long before I started the blog), and he was nice enough to send me an autographed photo– but no letter, unfortunately. I know he’s an incredibly busy man who travels all over the country when taping the show, but I really hope he will respond to my E-mail.

Having been diagnosed with ADHD as a kid, Ty is [hyper]active in several charities, including the organization ADHD Experts on Call, for which he is a spokesperson. His other causes include AccessSurfHawaii, “a volunteer group which helps kids with disabilities learn to surf and play other water sports” (from Wikipedia), and in 2007, he participated in a celebrity soccer match put together by Olympic gold medalist and soccer player Mia Hamm. The event benefited bone marrow transplant patients at the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.

Indeed, Ty uses his extra energy for the greater good!

I had a nice day out today with Mom. We did some shopping without actually buying much of anything, and we went to Church, and then had dinner at Cracker Barrel, one of our all-time favorites. The weather is finally cooling down considerably in O-Town, which is what put us in the mood for some homestyle biscuits, cornbread, and roast beef with veggies! (And…dessert, of course.)

Please let me know ahead of time if any of you are making plans to come to Orlando! I’d love to meet my new blogosphere family. Hope you continue to have a fun and safe weekend.

Love, Laurita  ♥


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