Day 56- Scarlett Johansson


Just when I thought my family was off the hook, given the frightening news about an explosion in the San Juan area that is still blazing since yesterday morning, more bad news has come my way. Mom took my grandmother (Abuela, or as I often call her “Palomita”) to the emergency room this morning after some very scary symptoms began bothering her. Her hand was swollen, she was in pain, and had a fever, and God-knows-what other symptoms. My aunt Giny (whom Abuela currently lives with in Orlando) suspected it was the antibiotic she was taking until today. Still, Mom decided to take her to the hospital, just to be safe, and after the finished running the whole battery of tests late this afternoon, she is officially hospitalized. Please keep her, along with my entire family, in your thoughts and prayers.

Today, Dad took me to Church, and then we went out later for a salad at Panera, and had gelato at this new, great little place called Piccolo Gelato. Earlier today, My aunt and I took my cousins (Andrea, 7, and Nayomi, 5) “trick-or-treating” around the Dr. Phillips Marketplace. It was fun, but it was annoyingly hot out! I was so tired and dehydrated. Plus, it probably wasn’t the best idea for me, as I was dodging balloons everywhere (I’m allergic to latex) and so I have developed somewhat of a phobia of them. Still, they had a lot of fun rotting their teeth, and that’s what counts!  🙂

I hope this leading lady responds to her "Scarlett letter!"

I hope this leading lady responds to her "Scarlett letter!"

I’m sending a letter to actress Scarlett Johansson, who is absolutely stunning, and has starred in such films as “In Good Company” and “The Other Boleyn Girl.” The beautiful blonde bombshell is also very active in charity work, and has devoted time and energy causes like the Michael J. Fox Foundation (for Parkinson’s research), Make Poverty History, (RED), USA Harvest, and The Art of Elysium, which provides educational workshops in the visual and performing arts for chronically ill children. Indeed, her face is merely a reflection of her inner beauty.

Well, that’s probably all I will be writing for tonight, as I am itching to call Mom again and ask her if she has an update for me. I really would appreciate all of your prayers and support!


Laurita  😉



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3 responses to “Day 56- Scarlett Johansson

  1. Nick P

    I’ve have been neglecting Rick Sanchez lately but with the news of your family I have switched CNN back on and continue my Rick obsession. As well as your writing…. very engrossing!

  2. Wenchie

    Will keep you all in my prayers Laura….

  3. mohadese

    she is very nice

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