Day 58- Ted Turner



Some of you may not be familiar with Ted Turner’s name, but if you haven’t been exposed to at least some of his products, you must be living under a giant rock. (How’s the weather under there?)

Mr. Turner is the ultimate cable mogul. In 1980, he created the Cable News Network (CNN), and he pioneered the Atlanta channel WTBS as the very first “superstation.” 

He is also a reputed philanthropist. In 1998, Turner established the United Nations Foundation, to which he then donated $1 billion. He founded the Goodwill Games to promote peace through sports. In 1990, the American Humanist Association named him Humanist of the Year.

Indeed, this  billionnaire has paid back many of his blessings. And, he is also very “green.” He created the environmentally-conscious superhero “Captain Planet!”

Truthfully, I could go on forever citing his resume, but I do have a test tomorrow morning in electronic media and new technology (in which, of course, Ted Turner’s name comes up quite often!). I’m still at the hospital, but will probably need to leave soon to get an early start tomorrow. Today was a much better day for my Abuela, so thanks for your prayers.

Much Love,

Laurita πŸ™‚


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