Day 64- George López


There's a party next week on TBS! George is coming to late-night!

I know when it’s happening. It starts like a burning sensation in my bladder, and then it hurts to pee. It can only mean one thing: I have another urine infection.

In my early years, I used to be hospitalized constantly with bladder cramps due to an infection, but somehow I’ve found a way not to “improve” the situation per sé, but rather to “deal with it.” Of course, you’d all get frequent infections, too, if you had to stick a catheter in your urethra five or six times a day! It’s not a big deal– it’s my life.

What I do now is I always keep a bottle of prescription antibiotic on-hand (yes, actually prescribed by my urologist, guys!) and I’ll take it twice a day when I feel the symptoms starting up. I’ve actually been pretty good–I hardly drink soda anymore, although I used to be practically addicted to it! (My one vice is coffee.)

So, now that we’ve covered “number one” on my agenda, let’s move on to the next order of business. I’ve written a letter, and a MySpace message, to actor/comedian George López. He is the star of the ABC sitcom “George López,” now a hit in syndication. Nick at Nite has now picked up the series, and López will unveil his new late-night show, “López Tonight,” on Monday, November 9. It’s a groundbreaking move for Latinos in television, but one that I’m confident will pay off for him. But, let’s move on now to his “charity résumé.” López received a kidney transplant in 2005, due to a genetic condition that caused his ureters to narrow. He and his wife, Ann (who donated her kidney to him), are now spokespeople for the National Kidney Foundation. He’s also been a supporter of the Animal Rescue Foundation, Ante Up for Africa, and the Dream Foundation.

I’ll leave you all now, because I know this entry will possibly have the same effect as running a water faucet! (If you don’t need to “go” after reading this…)

Peace out!

Laurita  ♥


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