Day 65- American Airlines

I didn’t have to mull for very long this morning to come up with an idea for today. In truth, I was turning the pages of my latest issue of “The New Yorker,” when suddenly, the answer was staring me right in the face! There was an ad for American Airlines, specifically about their “Miles for Kids in Need” program.

Established twenty years ago, the initiative allows AAdvantage members to donate their miles to provide transportation to children.

And, for those of you who are perceptive, here’s the line that glued my eyeballs to the magazine: “Beneficiaries of the program include individuals and organizations with medical, educational and social needs, as well as causes that heighten public awareness of children’s issues.” Yep, that’s right! A real no-brainer. Never mind that I’ve traveled on so many different airlines over the years– American is a “first-class” act.


To change the subject, you probably are all aware of how much effort is being put into getting this blog on all the social networks. Yesterday I created a network on Ning that I hope you will all join! It is not intended solely for people with spina bifida. Rather, it is a network of people coming together in support of the cause. Of course, if you have spina bifida, feel free to join and share resources with others, and you can also post your stories on our forum or in the blog.

Naturally, at the top of the page, where all the tabs are located, you will find a tab that says “My Blog.” That tab will take you directly to this, my personal blog on WordPress. That way, members of our network will have easy access to it.

Thanks to all for your continued, incredible support, and I hope to see you all at:


Love & Blessings,

Laurita 🙂


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