Day 68- Prudential


Let's hope that "Prudential Cares" about Spina Bifida!

It was one of those seemingly “normal” days. And yet, not quite normal. Things have clearly been changing in my life. For better or for worse (I think it’s for the better), I have been moving forward with this campaign. Yesterday, I received the much-celebrated reply from celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, whose five-star dinner gala last Thursday raised over £90,000 for the Scottish Spina Bifida Association. The letter, written by his executive assistant, detailed how Mr. Ramsay mentioned this blog and our cause at the event! To me, it is mind-blowing to imagine that people over in Glasgow, Scotland heard about what I am doing over here in Orlando. I can’t even begin to fathom it.

Then, today I had the opportunity to promote the blog to two different UCF students, one being a girl from my advertising class, and another the girl I sat next to on the bus ride back to Rosen College. The symptoms are clear: I’ve got blog on the brain. I remember talking to the girl on the bus today, asking her what her major was at UCF. She answered, “I’m doing Interdisciplinary Studies [same major], Environmental Sciences [different track]. But I’m interested in the political aspect of it.” To which I replied, “So, you’re gonna raise some hell? That’s awesome! I’m trying to raise some hell myself.”

You can probably imagine the rest of the conversation. I shared the link with both girls I spoke to, and I was satisfied in witnessing their impressed reactions.

But, yes, I wrote a letter to send to Prudential Financial, Inc., an investment and insurance company. I was thinking about Prudential today, yesterday, because I recalled how, many years ago, they awarded my friend Cody Unser the “Prudential Spirit of Community Award.” The company also does a lot in its respective local communities. Its Connecticut Realty business adopted the Sunshine Kids Foundation as its company charity in 2002. The foundation organizes recreational group activities for children with cancer.

In addition, Prudential provides grants through its Prudential Cares Volunteer Grants Program. When employees do volunteer service, Prudential awards a grant to the organization that the employee volunteered for. What a marvelous example of “spirit of community!”

Well, buenas noches, for now. Rest assured, for I will keep you in the loop, if and when anything new happens.

For more information on the Scottish Spina Bifida Association, please visit:  



Laurita 😉


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