Day 69- Starwood Hotels & Resorts

How was your Friday night, people? Mine was awesome! I had a great time with Kevin, my cousin, and his girlfriend, Carolina. We went to a nearby Arabic/Moroccan restaurant. I tried to take pictures with my cell phone, because I absolutely loved the decor, but they came out really dark. But, the important thing is that my social endorphins started flowing again, and that we’ll still remember this night tomorrow morning!


Starwood is a luxury hotel conglomerate...that loves to share the wealth.

I’ve decided to write to Starwood Hotels & Resorts, after seeing an ad in Dad’s recent issue of Forbes. What really grabbed my attention was Starwood’s partnership with UNICEF. Their “Check Out for Children” program allows guests to add $1 to their bill upon checkout, to be donated to UNICEF. (They can donate more, if they wish to.) The international campaign, instituted in 2008, has teamed UNICEF up with hotels in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Also, Four Points by Sheraton hotels is supporting initiatives that help prevent the passing of HIV from mother to child.

The Luxury Collection Hotels began its “Life is Unique” program in order to support UNICEF in protecting children from malaria. Le Méridien hotels also joined “Check Out for Children” this year, and Westin Hotels and Resorts are dedicated to water and sanitation programs.

In short, virtually all the hotels in the Starwood conglomerate are pitching in, in one way or another!

I hope you have all had the chance to read Chef Gordon Ramsay’s reply to me (via his executive assistant, but promising, nonetheless!).


Here's celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay's letter in reply to me, just in case you missed it!

So, I think that takes care of business for tonight…I mean, it’s almost 3 a.m.! Sleep well (if you aren’t already!), and please keep sharing the link with everyone. Oh, and here’s one more link for you to share in case you’ve forgotten:

That’s the link to the YouTube video of my interview with Telemundo Orlando. Please send it to all of your Spanish-speaking friends, and tell them to pick up a copy of “El Sentinel” today (Saturday) if they live in Central Florida!


♥ Love,




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