Day 71- Milla Jovovich


She may have shot to stardom for her role in the “Resident Evil” films, but Ukranian Milla Jovovich is all heart. During her acting and modeling career, Jovovich has supported such worthwhile causes as the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amFAR), The Art of Elysium, World Education, and Clothes Off Our Back, which auctions off the latest celebrity fashions and donates the proceeds to children’s charities. Indeed, she’s a “resident hero!”

A very special thank-you to Tina, my Twitter friend, who gave me the tip about contacting Milla.

Now, I want to take the time to brief you guys on the event I attended yesterday evening. I went to the Orlando Film Festival’s screening of “CODY,” a documentary film about my friend Cody Unser. You may be familiar with her family’s name, as she is the daughter of the two-time Indy 500 champ Al Unser, Jr., of the famous Unser racing family.

In February of 1999, Cody became paralyzed from the chest down by a rare neurological disorder called transverse myelitis. Since then, she and her mother, Shelley, have been very active in both the medical and political realms, trying to bring awareness to the plight of people living with paralysis. Cody has also lobbied Congress to support public funding of stem-cell research, which may help her walk again one day. She was friends with late legend Christopher Reeve, and continues to receive moral support from the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

Through scuba diving, Cody has found a sport that she can participate freely in, and her foundation has been partnering with instructors through “Operation Deep Down,” which trains injured veterans in adaptive diving.

I am extremely humbled and proud to consider Cody and her family my friends. She and I are fellow activists, and fellow “rebels with a cause!”


The documentary itself was like no other film I have ever seen. I almost feel like I have to say that I “witnessed” it, rather than “watched” it, because of the very personal way that she lets us into her life and into her world. Through her candid statements in her film, Cody’s persistent and resilient personality shine through. In stark contrast to her bubbly enthusiasm, we see her struggle in performing some of the most basic, trivial tasks for human beings, and it’s moments like that when the harsh reality of what she goes through hits us. This is a very poignant and uplifting portrayal of the life of someone in a wheelchair, and I encourage all of you to see it, if and when you have the chance.

You can follow the Cody Unser First Step Foundation on Facebook, at:

Also, here’s the video of Telemundo’s “Triunfadores” segment about me