Day 74- Joey Fatone

Here we go! This celeb from my hometown has "the flow."

If this entry seems a little distracted and nonsensical, please be advised that I am watching the Magic vs. Cavaliers game while Mom and Dad are on a wild goose chase for a photo that has apparently gone missing. I’m very upset, because I absolutely love that photo of me with Joey Fatone, circa *NSync era. I must have been barely fourteen back then. I remember Mom took me to a meet-and-greet at K-Mart, of all places, and the anticipation was building up inside me.

At the time, I had just finished a course at Act III Acting Studio, with Joe Fatone, Sr. (I have to say, he is incredibly sweet, and outrageously funny!).

It was ironic and comical, I thought, that I actually knew about three people (Joe included!) who personally knew Joey. And there I was, standing in line (or sitting, I think) to meet  him at my local K-Mart. He was one of the nicest people ever! Very down-to-earth.

An Orlando boy at heart, this “hometown hero” skyrocketed to fame in the late ’90s with the pop group *NSync. Later he went on to star in Broadway shows like Rent and Little Shop of Horrors, and he placed second during Season 4 of “Dancing with the Stars.”

But Joey is also known for his generous heart. In addition to supporting the Children’s Miracle Network, the Fatone Family Foundation exists to benefit charities related to children. His and his family’s fundraising efforts have helped the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, of which I was a frequent customer as a kid!  And, the family also established a store at Camp Boggy Creek, which you may recall is a camp for children with chronic conditions that I attended for many years.

In short, Joey may be a “Celebrity,” but he is one that never stops giving back.

Here’s the link to the Telemundo video:

Well, it’s bye bye bye for now!

😉 Laurita

P.S. Oh yeah– the Cavaliers just finished off the Magic. I think I am honestly going to cry. That, plus I am still mourning the “loss” of #15 Hedo Turkoglu to the Toronto Raptors. Just when my dad bought me his T-shirt!



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3 responses to “Day 74- Joey Fatone

  1. Nick P

    I really hope that you find you memorabilia. For now you still have the memories. It will show up just after you thought it was gone forever. It’s only when you want it that it seems to have grown legs!

    Good luck with your search, it will show up soon.

  2. I read this article about the show Glee…

    Which made me think that Robert David Hall might be a good contact person. I’m looking, can’t find any contact info for him, but he seems to be speaking up in support of disabled people. Not SB , but.

  3. Milla Jovovich
    c/o Spanky Taylor
    3727 W. Magnolia
    Burbank, CA 91505

    And I found an addy for Milla.. believe it’s mainly meant for fan mail,but worth a shot if she never answers via twitter.

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