Day 76- Hugh Jackman

Special thanks to Daddy for today’s inspiration! He suggested I contact Aussie actor Hugh Jackman, and I think it is an excellent idea. He seems to me to be very down-to-earth. His career, however, continues to skyrocket. He’s done Broadway as well as film. One of my absolute favorite movies of all time continues to be “Kate & Leopold,” with Jackman and Meg Ryan. He also immortalized a popular X-Men character in a live action film as the title character in “Wolverine.”


He is an ardent supporter of many global charities, like Family Health International, and Operation of Hope, which donates surgeries to children with facial deformities. He also helps out noble organizations like PROJECT ZAMBI. This initiative was started by Hasbro employees “to support programs that provide direct services to children orphaned by AIDS in Africa.”

Indeed, the “boy from Oz” is not the provincial type, in the least. His head is in his work, but his heart travels far and wide to love and support those in need.

Here’s a brief update on a recent contact. Actually, she contacted me. Donna Christine Marino of the Valencia Foundation added me as a friend on Facebook a while back. Today, I read a message from her, telling me that she’s been reading the blog! She’d like to feature it on the Valencia Foundation blog. She also said that it would RSS feed to the Valencia Alumni Association page!

I’m so excited, because I feel that, about two years after graduating from Valencia, I am still reaping the benefits! (Let this be a lesson, guys and gals– save money by going to a community college, first!) It’s definitely paying off.  The Valencia community has genuinely treated me like family. And, with Mom and my cousin still working there, I get to see my “extended family” quite often!

Now, I’d like to let you all know that I will be celebrating my 23rd birthday on Nov. 16th, this coming Monday! Since it is a Monday, I’ve decided to put off any festivities till Friday, Nov. 20th. That night, I will be meeting my friends for a casual evening of food, drinks, and hopefully good conversation! It you are in the Orlando area on that particular night, please let me know! Send me an E-mail at:

Well, I’m off for now, but you can still E-mail or Facebook message me or whatever. Dad and I are going to meet Mom at the AT&T store later, with the intention of buying me a little early birthday present!

Have a fantastic evening, everyone!

😉 Laurita


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