Day 77- VF Corporation


So, it took me a while to get around to writing this, because I’ve got my head stuck somewhere in the clouds. As usual. I’m also working on backing up some E-mails I’ve sent with hard-copy letters. Some celebs have more than one address, so I guess it’s to our advantage that I can often put more than one egg in that basket. At least, that’s my Pollyanna-like reasoning.

Let me start off with some important business. Twice before, I’ve tried to post an update about something or other, only to find that the entry remained the same. Thanks to Tina Daniels for bringing it to my attention! But, here’s the latest scoop. First things first: it was an iPhone that my parents were going to give me as an early birthday present yesterday. Unfortunately, after making my fourth trip to a store, and already having offered a credit card for the purchase, we were told that nobody in our family qualified for an upgrade until December 13. So, I left the Best Buy store, feeling dejected and devoid of my new baby. So, if anyone wants to join me the night of Dec. 12 to camp outside the AT&T store until they open, let me know!

The good news though, is that I ran into my cousin, Kevin, one of my absolute best friends, when I went to Best Buy (again!) to see if they had the same upgrade policy. (They did.) Mom took us to Mall at Millenia and treated us to a Godiva milkshake! (I’ll admit, it’s $195 cheaper than an iPhone, but just as “rich!”)

My parents and I got up early (like, 9:30- at the crack of dawn!) to take a “day trip.” Where we were going, we hadn’t a clue. We ended up driving to a quaint, very tiny town called Cassadaga. Its claim to fame, or notoriety perhaps, is that they are all mostly spiritualists there! I confess that, as a raised Catholic, it was a little intimidating at first. But then, I got caught up in the whirlwind of history, and started taking pictures like a madwoman! Plus, the weather was absolutely gorgeous- not a cloud in the sky!

I walked into an old, historic hotel that advertises all sorts of spiritual  services: psychic readings, healings, reiki, and past-life regression. I was particularly intrigued to find out more about the latter. I’ve read two books by past-life regression expert Carol Bowman, and she has described it as being something that does not go against any particular religious beliefs, and not of the occult. So, I walked into the hotel’s store, marched confidently right up to the desk to inquire about sessions, and made an immediate about-face. No, I had not given in to my personal fears of being hypnotized. I was not afraid of committing a sin. No, sir. I had seen the price list! As it turned out, delving into a distant past via a hypnotic trance would set me back just as much as my coveted iPhone would! So, Mom put it to me straight– “Laura, it’s your past life or an iPhone.” Needless to say, I marched out of there, sulking. My Dad was cheeky enough to remark, “Hey, if they charge you $1 per year you regress, how far back could you go with just $1? You can go back to 2008!” As if that weren’t enough, he went on to tease, “What if you find out you were once a dog?” I rolled my eyes in despair.

We ended up settling for a drive to New Smyrna Beach, followed by dinner at the Outback Steakhouse. Then, we went for dessert to a French bakery, or pâtisserie. All in all, it was a peaceful, if somewhat spontaneous day.

And now, a few words about the VF Corporation. Their brands include Lee, Kipling, Vans, Nautica, and Jansport, among many others. I got the idea of writing to them when I researched Carter Oosterhouse, and found out about Nautica’s fundraiser. Nautica itself has an organization called Oceana, Inc., which is devoted to restoring and preserving the world’s oceans. They support local schools through its Harvest for Teachers, and help victims of sexual abuse by its Stuart House Benefit to support the Rape Treatment Center at the Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center. Additionally, they help raise money via the All Children’s Hospital Telethon, which is a member of the Children’s Miracle Network. And that’s just the Cliff’s Notes version.

Telemundo “Triunfadores” video on YouTube:

Well, for now, I gotta say, “Good Night & Good Luck!



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