Day 78- Oscar de la Hoya

When I wake up tomorrow morning, the world will continue in probably much the same way as it is today– right now. Most likely, when I turn on the news, there will be no major, groundbreaking announcements that threaten society’s existence as we know it in this very moment. I, myself, probably won’t look any different to myself than on the previous day. But I will feel different. There will hover above me tomorrow the sense of expectation, that something greater than me must take place, or maybe that I must be greater than myself.

Tomorrow is my 23rd birthday. Even as I write these words, I am still in complete and utter denial of them. Every year, I seem to experience an intense bout of depression shortly before my birthday, usually one or two days before the actual date. I think it’s due to a combination of factors. First off, I fear that there will be added responsibilities to face once I reach that “milestone,” as if the transition from one age to the next were that drastic. One day, you’re 22 and an unemployed student. The following day, *POOF!*, you’re 23, your parents are telling you to move out and do something with your life, and you have to take it from there.

But, it isn’t like that. And my parents are very fair. They maintain that my main priority is college (and my health, of course!). As long as I uphold my end of the bargain, they don’t mind (and even welcome) having me around. (I’ve just been informed that the “even welcome” part is a vast understatement.)

And, speaking of priorities, this blog has become another. I’d like to take a moment to reflect upon just how much my life has changed since I began this journey, strange at first, and now a part of me that I couldn’t imagine being without right now. You guys, especially, the people who drift in and out of the blog’s readership, and the few very faithful followers; you are my strength; my hope. You make the world seem smaller, and more accessible, and you make my dreams seem bigger, and yet more attainable. When I “talk” with one of you, it dawns on me that my ambitions aren’t mere folly; that they are actually deeply rooted in the sincerity of my character.

I want to thank you, my readers, because you give my blog credibility. Just when I start feeling a little discouraged or self-conscious, or like I want to bail, your stories give me fuel. You’ve gone out of your way to share your stories with me. The very least I can do is meet you halfway. And, invariably, you inspire me.

Now, please allow me to tell you about a man who is a hero in his native country, in his country of residence, and in a special world– the world of boxing. It doesn’t matter that Oscar de la Hoya retired about a year ago; he is still inspiring people to live their dreams, just as he has as the first [I do the cha cha like a sissy and FELIZ CUMPLEANOS LAURITA  .Esto es el Fantasma del Blog.Te pasa por irte a banar antes de terminar el entry. espero que te lavaste detras de las orejas.Te amo mucho pero no pude resistir la tentacion de hacerte una travesura.Tienes suerte que no le di a la cajita de PUBLISH. Or did I? Hum…..Your Blog was hijacked by your prankster mom !]


Yes...while in boxing, I'm supposed to cheer for the Puerto Rican guys, I find myself strangely drawn to de la Hoya. I can't imagine why.

Okay…yes…I know that was random, to say the least! But, so as to savor the integrity of the moment, I decided to leave that there as my first “unofficial birthday card.” (She could have at least written “We interrupt this program to….”) But…*AHEM*…as I was saying, according to Wikipedia (I know, verify your sources!), de la Hoya is the first Hispanic American “to own a national boxing promotional firm.” In 1992, he brought home the only Olympic gold medal in boxing for the U.S.

He’s also a passionate philanthropist. In 2008, after starting a charitable foundation “to help underprivileged youth” receive education, de la Hoya donated $3.5 million to the establishment of the Oscar de la Hoya Animo Charter High School in Los Angeles. He also runs a company focusing on urban development in Latino communities.

Now, my dear friends, I must go to bed. My birthday is here! My love and thanks to all!

Laurita 😉

P.S. I am officially 23.

Telemundo “Triunfadores” video on YouTube:


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