Day 79- Clear Channel Communications

This is, again, one of those corporations that would prompt me to say, “If you’ve never heard of them, clearly, you are living under a giant rock, my friend!” Clear Channel Communications owns about 1,200 AM, FM, shortwave and satellite radio stations, according to Wikipedia. (I also studied this in my electronic media and technology class!)  It’s also the “global leader of outdoor advertising,” according to the Clear Channel Web site. You know all those billboards you see that say “Clear Channel” at the bottom? Yep. That’s them.

Clear Channel has a lot of radio talk shows. That’s definitely something I want to get on board with, if I can! They also have the Clear Channel Foundation, which lends its support to a number of organizations. They received an appreciation award for their $7.5 million in Radiothon contributions to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The Ad Council honored the foundation with its Gold Bell Award for the $157 million they donated. And, they received the National Service Award for their support of the Children’s Miracle Network. I think it’s “clear” why it’s worth a shot to write to them!

If you want your voice heard, Clear Channel is definitely the way to go!

In other news…yep…today was my birthday. Huh. I’ve had mixed feelings about it all this month, but now it’s finally here. I think that I definitely need to learn to face my birthdays with a little indifference. After all, everyone ages each day, just a bit, and we don’t commemorate each and every day with a celebration. What is it about my birthday that makes me so excited and elated and emotionally unhinged? Is it the expectation, the anticipation of one single day that is about me? Is it the fear that, once it’s over, people may forget about me until next Nov. 16th?

I honestly don’t know. All I know is that, somewhere between reading all my birthday Facebook comments, and actually writing this entry, I had a cathartic emotional release. And then I felt bad that Mom and Dad had to see me like that.

I don’t mean to suggest that I didn’t have any fun. Far from it! Dad stayed home today, and Mom only worked until 1:30. For me. When she came home, they both presented me with a bouquet of fresh, bright flowers and a beautiful cake with raspberries and almonds! We did the whole singing-happy-birthday-bit, took pictures, blew out the candles, cut the cake. Then, we left the cake on the dining room table and went out for dinner. We decided on The Cheesecake Factory, which is one of those rare places that is absolutely lively on a Monday evening. Invariably.They gave me a free ice cream sundae for my birthday at the restaurant.

Then, we came home, and the three of us dug into the cake. (If Heaven had a taste, that, most likely, would be it!)

Woven throughout the events of the day were the phone calls I received from my loving family and friends. I know that these are the people who take the time to call me on every birthday, but still, it moved me that some took time out of their busy work day to give me a quick ring and offer me their blessings.

Maybe birthdays aren’t meant to be the one day a year that you get undivided attention. Maybe it’s exactly the opposite. Maybe birthdays are God’s way of telling us that we need to focus on the people in our lives, and appreciate them, and honor them every day. And, since there aren’t enough minutes in each day to honor each person that means something to you, He created birthdays. That way, even if you don’t tell me every single waking moment of every single day that you care about me, at least you took the time to tell me on Nov. 16. Because, if my estimates are correct, we each know way more than 365 people! That’s a lot of people to dedicate your time and energy to. A lot of people to go out of your way for.

So, it’s fortunate that God created birthdays. And it’s fortunate for birthdays that God gave us 365 days in a year.

Come to think of it, it’s fortunate for this blog, too.

Love Always,

Laurita ♥


Telemundo “Triunfadores” video on YouTube:



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2 responses to “Day 79- Clear Channel Communications

  1. Wenchie

    Happy Belated Birthday, Laura!

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