Day 83- Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray is famous for cooking up a storm in just thirty minutes.

Having shot to stardom in what seemed like half an hour, this girl can do very much with very little time. Rachael Ray rose to fame as the hostess of Food Network’s program, “30-Minute Meals.” Her spontaneous nature and unapologetic “goofiness” quickly won audiences everywhere, and Ray is currently the host of a daytime talk show where she cooks (of course!), chats with celebrities, and pumps up the crowd.

I was always a fan of Rachael. And now, I’m an even bigger fan, as I read that she is a supporter of the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance, Food Bank for New York City, and of several animal charities. Plus, she has her own non-profit organization, appropriately named “Yum-O!” which, according to its Web site, “empowers kids and their families to develop healthy relationships with food and cooking.” The organization has an enthusiastic supporter in past President Bill Clinton.

Mom’s helping me with my hair right now, as I’m going out to celebrate my birthday with some friends! I’m grateful to God for every single one of them, and I hope we have a great time! I was a little groggy this morning, because I went to bed past 3 a.m. after attending the midnight showing of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.” (It was worth it, though! The line was unbelievable, but eventually, it budged.)

One brief update: unfortunately, Prudential will not be supporting our initiative. I honestly don’t know what else to try, but not a single company has replied with a positive answer. (Granted they all “appreciate” what I’m doing. That helps. I think their exact word was “applaud.” Hmmm…that’s funny; I don’t hear a standing ovation.)

So, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Hope you guys have an awesome Friday night! And remember– a great meal is never more than 30 minutes away!

Telemundo “Triunfadores” video on YouTube:


Laurita  ♥


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