Day 85- The NASCAR Foundation


The various partner organizations of NASCAR help all kinds of people in need (the need for speed!).

Life is so much easier with E-mail. It really is. When I find an E-mail address for a person or an organization, I save time, and I save money on postage and printing. So, in the spirit of conservation, I sent out an E-mail to the NASCAR Foundation, and several of its partner charities, including:

The Jimmie Johnson Foundation, which “is dedicated to assisting children, families, and communities in need throughout the United States”

The Kurt Busch Foundation, which lends “meaningful support for the betterment of organizations positively involved in the areas of health care, education, career training and rehabilitation.”


Victory Junction, a member of the Hole in the Wall Camps that were originated by one of my favorite philanthropists, the late Paul Newman.

And now, I have an interesting update for you, as promised: Actor Boris Kodjoe (who, with wife Nicole Ari Parker, started the Sophie’s Voice Foundation), replied to me in two (count them– one, two) separate tweets today! I was so excited to have established contact with him. I owe my thanks in part to Milla Jovovich, who no doubt told him about me. Since I’m really not very good at paraphrasing good news, I’ll just copy and paste it all here, verbatim:


@Laurita86 Hey L. Great blog you have. It’s so great to hear about the important things celebs do rather than to hear about their outfits… [cont. in following tweet]

@Laurita86 Really nice. Thanks for your support. It’s an important cause and so easily preventable at a 70% rate. Folic Acid is the key!!


I genuinely hope Boris will keep up with the blog, and witness its progression. Of course, one point I would really like to make is that, while prevention is truly a worthwhile cause to promote, here at “Holdin’ Out for a Hero,” we like to focus more and reaching out to those who for whom prevention is too late. People like Sophie. People like me. People like so many of you.

Anyway, remember that this is an awesome organization that deserves our support. I will post the URL to the Web site once again, and it is also under the “SB Resources” tab on this Web site.
Also, if you are, or you have, a child with a chronic condition or illness between the ages of 6-16, check out the Victory Junction Web site to find out if your child can participate:


Well, I guess that’s it for business today. I’m sorry I haven’t updated you guys lately on my personal life, but, to be honest, this, college, and family have been it for the past few weeks! I will be sharing some pictures really soon of my birthday festivities, and I will keep you all in the know as things happen.


I love you all!

Laurita 😉






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