Day 88- PepsiCo. & Coca-Cola

This was one of those many awkward decisions that we each have to make in life. “Do I want chicken salad, or tuna salad?” “Will I go with peanut butter and jelly or ham and cheese?” “Am I in the mood for a Coke…or a Pepsi?” (I figure by now you get my point.) So, I decided to have both, on the same day! (Bite me if it bothers you, he he.)

In truth, both are very powerful companies with a fairly equal amount of influence, especially with my own generation, it seems. So, yes, while it is, in fact, a little awkward, please bear with me.


PepsiCo. is involved in a number of good causes, and partners with United Way to help dozens of charities. As mentioned on the their Website, “The bulk of our funding is applied to programs that concentrate on Nutrition and Activity, Safe Water and Water Usage Efficiencies, in addition to Education and Empowerment.” PepsiCo also encourages its employees to serve others by hosting “Global Community Service Days” and through their foundation’s Matching Gifts Program.


The Coca-Cola Foundation is the charitable arm of The Coca-Cola Company. The corporation itself is committed to supporting sustainable communities, and besides water stewardship, Coca-Cola enriches lives through scholarships for education, nutritional education programs, and health initiatives. Around the globe, particularly in Africa and Latin America, they endorse HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness programs.

So, you see– no matter what the cola tastes like, each has its own distinct flavor in the realm of philanthropy. Both have proven themselves very capable of influencing several generations. And that is why I’m reaching out to both of them.

Before you go, check out the awesome video (en español) that Telemundo Orlando did on my story.

On a different note, here’s a photo of what I anticipate my first meeting with Ellen Degeneres will look like someday. Please keep in mind that I haven’t even established contact with her, save for the fact that she’s following me on Twitter!


Wow...I'm much taller in my dream sequences than I normally am!