Day 89- Univision


They supported preventive care for healthy babies-- let's hope they'll support people with spina bifida!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Thank you so much for making “Holdin’ Out for a Hero” a part of your lives. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Tonight, I am writing to Univision Communications, Inc., which is owned by NBC Universal. That’s a mega-company! While doing some research, I discovered that Univision partnered with March of Dimes back in 2004 to promote the health and well-being of babies.

This reaching-out is part of my bigger goal to contact members of the Latino media community, being that Latinas have a greater risk of giving birth to a child with spina bifida than non-Latinas do. I’m not sure that the media in general has realized what a critical issue this is.

To change the subject, I want to take a moment to express how incredibly grateful I am to all of the people who have offered me their support in one way or another during the past three months. It has not gone by unnoticed, and I can never thank you enough for your kindness.

Today was a pretty normal, yet random, and yet priceless day. I had dinner at my aunt’s house, and spent some time with my friend, Vionet-Edith. In many ways, that’s what Thanksgiving is about. That’s what life is about. This blog is not about Spina Bifida. It’s not about celebrities. It’s about a girl living her normal life (or what I like to call my “normal life”) who happens to have spina bifida. That’s kind of the point. Many people often focus on the “disability” (even though I don’t believe in that word). But they fail to see that my life is about the trivial, mundane, and priceless things, too. It’s also about awareness. Awareness, for me, doesn’t mean standing on a soapbox and screaming “I have spina bifida!” It’s about integrating spina bifida into the fabric of common knowledge. This way, instead of pitying us and focusing on the “can’t-dos,” they’ll focus on what can be done. They’ll allow us to be self-sufficient, thereby not having to rely so much on others.

‘Cause we’re really a lot more capable than many people give us credit for.

I’m not sure that’s what the Pilgrims and Native Americans talked about, but, then again, they didn’t have me around.

That’s probably something they’d be thankful for, if they were around today.


Laurita ♥

Telemundo “Triunfadores” video on YouTube:


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