Day 94- Geico


Just 15 minutes could spread awareness about Spina Bifida.

Good news, especially at a time when we’re all craving it: I don’t have to take my final for electronic media and new technology! Whoo-hoo! Now, it’s down to principles of advertising, and summing up my online classes. The world definitely seems a lot better today.

And while we’re in that cheerful holiday spirit, I E-mailed Geico Car Insurance, asking them to promote “the cause.” I checked out their Web site, and I was immediately blown away by the amount of charities they support. You can especially learn a lot about their giving spirit by looking at their community events calendar. This past year, they have shown their support for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Stride and Ride the Special Olympics, the Multiple Sclerosis Society’s MS Walk, the Boys and Girls Club, and the March of Dimes’ Walk for Babies.

Geico is additionally committed to a number of environmentally-oriented initiatives, such as their Environmental Safety and Pollution Program.

And, here’s another random voyage into my mind: Dad went to a car show on Thanksgiving, and he brought me a fuzzy Gecko doll– my inspiration for writing to Geico today. I have him standing on the corner of my desk (the gecko– not my father).

Thanks to all who have been faithfully posting the link to this blog in their Facebook status, or Retweeting it on Twitter! It’s really simple to get involved with this effort. Trust me– in the long run, I know we”ll help a lot of people.

Just think– 15 minutes could save thousands of people with Spina Bifida!


Laurita 😉

P.S. My advertising final is on Thursday– prayers requested!


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