Day 96- Stevie Wonder


Stevie is indeed a wonder who has become known for his talents, and not his personal setbacks.

Few people would disagree with me that Stevie Wonder has natural talent. He’s a world phenomenon. The singer and musician performed on the “American Idol” stage last year. He was on what was perhaps the most coveted guest list of the year– the Presidential Inauguration festivities.

And, he set the media trails ablaze today with his visit to the United Nations. Wonder was in the midst of addressing the U.N. to accept his new role as Messenger of Peace, through which he will advocate for the 650 million people with “disabilities,” when a fire alarm went off, according to the Associated Press. The AP reported, ” After six long alarm blasts, Wonder cracked: ‘I’m trying to figure out a new melody!”

He was able to conclude his acceptance speech once everyone settled down again, after being evacuated. He closed with, “I didn’t realize that what I was gonna say was gonna create so much heat!”

Wonder is a fitting figure for the role of advocate for people with physical, mental, and other challenges. He has been blind almost since birth, and has been a most revered musical icon since his early teens. Of his new position, Wonder said, “I never imagined that I would in my lifetime be given this honor.” Referring to the struggles that people with disabilities face, he stated, “It is beyond my ability to fathom that 10 percent of the people of this world don’t matter to the other 90 percent of the people of the world.”

I don’t think it will take anyone too long to figure out why I want to write to him! In addition to his current advocacy work with the U.N., Wonder has done some really, well, “wonder-ful” things for humanity! Stevie’s The Wonder Foundation donated all the proceeds from his single “Shelter in the Rain” to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. He has written a number of other hit songs for worthy causes, including “We are the World,” which he co-authored with Bruce Springsteen for African famine relief, and “That’s What Friends are For,” which he wrote for AIDS awareness. (I’ve heard that one at every single Spina Bifida Association of Central Florida Christmas Party– fellow members, you know what I’m talking about! “Keep smiling, keep shining….”)

Wonder has supported the Elton John AIDS Foundation, as well as the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation, and the Special Olympics, among other organizations. He is also a past recipient of the United Negro College Fund Award of Excellence. I’m sorry I don’t have the time to rattle off his entire extensive “charity resume!” I guess that just goes to show the kind of person he is.

Well, I’ll leave you for tonight. I regret to say I’m falling just a little behind with my letters. But, no worries– I will catch up soon, now that exams are over, and I’m almost done with my online classes!

Please rest assured I will write some amazing letters, including one to Stevie.

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Telemundo “Triunfadores” video on YouTube:

Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours,

Laurita ♥


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