Day 97- Penelope Cruz

First things first. If you missed the series finale of “Monk” tonight– well, then, I feel sorry for you. It was an awesome conclusion! I’ll admit, I didn’t watch the entire series, but I did understand the characters and the issues that needed to be resolved.

But, oddly enough, my day started out at Disney. Mom and I signed up for the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade Filming 2009 at the Magic Kingdom. For those of you who don’t live near Orlando, and who didn’t watch The Weather Channel today, the event was canceled. As we approached the turnstiles at the entrance of the park (having already taken the monorail), I fretted that they would send us home, as we were under torrential rains. But, they gave us a slip of paper indicating that we could choose whether or not to return for the taping this Sunday, or stay and just enjoy the park.

We chose the latter. I swear, Mom and I are the Latina versions of Laverne & Shirley, or Thelma & Louise, or Wilma & Betty, or Lucy & Ethel– constantly coming up with the most harebrained of schemes! (FYI: this blog was one of them).

I know what you must probably be thinking: “Those nutjobs live in Orlando, and they pick the day of greatest precipitation– and cold– to venture to Disney?” Actually, it was an unintentionally ingenious idea. We went to a theme park on what was, for Disney, a very low-traffic day. We hardly had to wait in any lines for the rides.

Also, today I made an important self-discovery: I am a conossieur of fried foods. We had fish, chips, and chicken (all fried), and then ended the day with a funnel cake (also fried). I hesitate to add the prefix “deep-” to any of those dishes! Not a vegetable in sight. Then, I ended with some dairy–  a cappuccino. Really, it was more medicinal than anything else! The temperatures were in the low 60s– or less.


I came home sopping wet, and numb and freezing. Then, after hot showers, we slipped into our robes and enjoyed Mom’s famous hot chocolate, with cookies, and settled down to watch “Monk”– the final three episodes!

Okay– that was my day, in a tiny nutshell. For “Day 97,” I chose the lovely Spaniard Penelope Cruz. The star of the films “Vanilla Sky,” and “Volver” supports UNICEF, The Art of Elysium, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and the ONE Campaign.

In October, along with fashionista Donatella Versace, Penelope sponsored the Whitney’s Gala and Studio Party, to benefit the Starlight Children’s Foundation. This charity is dedicated to improving the quality of life of children with chronic or terminal illnesses.

That last organization is particularly the reason why I want to write to her. That, plus I get to send a copy of a letter to Spain!

I hope you’re all enjoying your time off from everything, and if you’re still on finals– hang in there. Christmas is coming!

I also hope that you’ll continue to make a little time in your days to read “Holdin’ Out for a Hero,” even while you’re trimming the tree or eating stuffing. Please remember to vote for my entry in Macy’s “Tell Us Why You Believe” contest:

Telemundo “Triunfadores” video on YouTube:


Laurita ♥


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  1. Tina

    Oh, Laurita! I just realized all this time, I haven’t been subsribed to your blog. I’m not sure how that happened….. Voted, btw.And disney. Sigh. I went there for band trips…. Now, I regret not going to “Italy” at Epcot, to have some of their espresso drinks. 😦

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