Day 98- Amy Grant

If there's one thing Amy knows how to do, it's grant-- wishes, that is!

I didn’t have any plans for tonight– a Saturday night. Usually it’s Church, and then I take it from there. Still, it ended up being kind of a priceless night. I went to BJ’s with my Mom after Mass. No– not the wholesale club, but BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse. It’s where I celebrated my 21st birthday, two years ago, so I hold a special place for it in my heart.  But both laughing and commiserating with Mom over deep-dish pizza and cocktails turned out to be some much-needed medicine for me, especially given the fast-paced, deadline-driven life I seem to be living lately.

So, that was my day in a nutshell– I went to Church, and then I had dinner at BJ’s. For a place like Orlando that has so many places to go to, I seem to find a certain level of comfort in the familiarity of the places I frequent. I’m a walking contradiction– I want to live in a big city and be as recognizable as I would be if I lived in a small town.

I decided to write to Amy Grant today, because she is a very giving person. In 2005, she hosted NBC’s “Three Wishes,” which, unfortunately, was canceled after only one season. During each episode, she would travel to a different town in the U.S. and grant wishes to three different families. Still, the Christian singer continues to spread her message of hope through her music, and also her charitable works. Last year, Grant recorded the single “She Colors My Day” to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month (which we all know by now, is the same month as Spina Bifida Awareness Month, October).

On Aug. 12, the Mental Health Association of Middle Tennessee announced that Amy Grant and her Christian singer hubby, Vince Gill, would be awarded the Jack C. Massey Leadership Award for their “outstanding community leadership and considerable contributions to numerous causes that improve the lives of Middle Tennessee’s citizens,” according to Amy’s Web site.

In addition to these honors, the 19-time Grammy Winner is a member of the Red Cross Celebrity Cabinet, and this year, she attended Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance’s 35th Anniversary Gala.

So, it’s probably no surprise that I’ve selected as “Day 98” a person who seems to live for doing good– simply “for goodness’ sake!”

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Thanks so much for all your support, and continue enjoying the holiday rush!

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Laurita ♥


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