Day 106- AT&T


This conglomerate does more than connect people-- it delivers the world.

You may be starting to notice a trend in my postings this weekend. I’ve got a one-track mind: my brand-new iPhone. Indeed, my new baby has me thinking of little else for the past month, and now it’s finally in my possession. You may also be thinking of me as vain at this point. Please don’t. While I truly enjoy how I feel while using it, I assure you that it serves many a journalistic purpose, as well. I could blog from it, if I wanted to, although it wouldn’t be easy with such a small screen and a difficult keyboard. I can read and catch up on the news. I can watch videos (including news conferences and briefings) on YouTube.

Finally, I can access my personal E-mail and all of the news-related apps and their Web sites, from virtually anywhere.

So there. That’s my solid argument, and I’m sticking to it. No buyer’s remorse for me; no sir.

Let’s just set aside the topic of my recent entrance into the 21st century for now, and focus on the issue at hand, shall we? I’ve decided to write to AT&T, “the largest communications holding company in the world.” What makes this behemoth of a conglomerate worthy of being “Day 106?” Well, besides being the only wireless carrier for the iPhone 3GS in the United States (he he), AT&T has a history of serving the global community– and not just in the realm of telecommunications. “AT&T Aspire” is a program that challenges students to stay in school. They have partnered with Junior Achievement to provide job shadowing opportunities to 100,000 students.

AT&T is also a firm supporter of diversity via its commitment to organizations that help minorities. Last year, the company donated over $34 million to programs that work with at-risk Latino youth and provide assistance to underserved communities such as Hispanics. They also contributed over $45 million to organizations like the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

Furthermore, AT&T provides grants to further girls’ education in math and science.

In the “green” category, the annual AT&T Champions of the Environment Program recognizes employees that are making honorable contributions to the well-being of the environment. In more ways than one, they really are connecting people on a global scale through their efforts. You could say that they live up to their current motto, “Your World Delivered.”

I’m not sure I get myself at this point, so I’ll sleep on it.


Laurita ♥


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