Day 109- Harrison Ford

Tonight, I got off to a late start, because my cousin Gaby and my aunt visited. He doesn’t come to Orlando that often, so I was really looking forward to seeing him again.

There are a few “orders of business” I’d like to share. First off, I received a reply from Ted Turner’s company. Unfortunately, (darn, I say that a lot!) he cannot help with our cause.

Furthermore, I was informed that Turner is no longer affiliated with CNN. My next step from here will be to contact Ben & Jerry’s again, using their suggested method.

My second announcement is that I received an E-mail last night from the woman who requested my help for her children’s gifts this Christmas. It is my understanding that she lives somewhere in Chicago. Since there is not much I can personally do, I hope to enlist the help of any journalist or professional who works with a non-profit or  a charitable agency to contact me. It would be particularly helpful if whoever contacts me in regards to this matter lives in Chicago.

Otherwise, if you know of any agencies that may be able to help her, please let me know.

The "Star Wars" alum now heads a star-studded cast in the inspiring tear-jerker, "Extraordinary Measures."

Let’s move on to Mr. Harrison Ford. The man who immortalized the role of Indiana Jones has a really big heart– and, he’s a “tree-hugger.” (I mean that in the nicest sense of the term!) Ford has been involved with Conversation International since 1991, first as a board member, then as vice chairman. He now sits on its Executive Committee.

Ford is also an “airborne watchdog,”  forwhich patrols the Hudson River for polluters. His work with Riverkeeper  doesn’t keep him grounded, as he pilots his own chopper in pursuit of polluters to prosecute. (It must be quite an experience for a slob to be cited for polluting by Harrison Ford!)

Among the accolades he has received for his preservation work are the Jules Verne Spirit of Nature Award, the Global Environmental Citizen Award  from the Harvard Medical School, and the Good Steward Award from the U.S. House of Representatives.

 So, while the star of “Extraordinary Measures” (a must-see!) idn’t always seen donning his trademark Indiana hat, you can rest assured that the world is a much better, cleaner place because he is in it.

If you would like to contact me with ideas as to how to help my new friend Bernita, please E-mail me at:

I must go now, because we’re having serious computer issues here, and I can only see half of what I’m typing. It sucks.

Love, Laurita 🙂


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