Day 114- Justin Timberlake

While bringing sexy back, he also manages to give back to the community.

Make no mistake– I was a really big fan of *NSync in its heydey. Of course, former lead singer Justin has been solo for years, but I probably can never think of him without thinking of the other four (who are all extremely talented, as well) who comprised my first experience with the boy band phenom of the late nineties.

I was probably eleven or twelve when boy bands first permeated my consciousness– and in dire need of fashion advice!

Since the long-surpressed memory that is male pop groups of my preteen era, Timberlake has evolved into a polished R & B artist/sex symbol. But, when he finds down time, he’s just another guy putting on the green.

In fact, Timberlake agreed to become the host of the PGA Tour’s Las Vegas Tournament in 2008. The name of the tournament was changed to Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open, and he also hosted a charity concert for the event.

Two years ago, he donated $100,000 in earnings from his Australian tour to the organization Wildlife Warriors, which was started by the late Steve Irwin, a.k.a. “The Crocodile Hunter.”

But, as Justin has proven in all else, this is merely the tip of the iceberg for him. As reported by The Daily Beast today, Justin Timberlake has been named the celebrity charity earner of the year for 2009, having raised a whopping $9.3 million for Shriners Hospitals.

So, while red-leather pants and cheap highlights are definitely no longer in vogue, giving is a trend that never goes out of style. Always one step ahead of the game, my guess is that Timberlake already knew that.

I have to go, because I have absolutely no idea where I am on my packing. My flight is tomorrow evening, but I don’t want to feel too rushed tomorrow.

Please remember to check out and share the following video, from Telemundo Orlando: 

And I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t tell anybody about the red faux leather pants. (Oops– I didn’t say “faux” before, did I?)

Laurita 😉


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