Day 115- Brendan Fraser

Fraser helps people in troubled nations by being on the board of FilmAid International.

Fraser helps nations in turmoil by his presence on the board of FilmAid International.

Alas, this day that I have both dreaded and anticipated has come. Yes, I am quite looking forward to visiting with the family in Puerto Rico, but I am not looking forward to leaving Dad at home for Christmas. But, when you have your heart in two places, instead of ripping it in half, you share it, and enjoy each place and moment as it comes.

We have to leave for the airport in about 20 minutes, so suffice it to say that I’ll make this brief. (I’ll update you all later.)

Brendan Fraser starred alongside Harrison Ford and Keri Russell in “Extraordinary Measures,” a film about a man (Fraser) who tracks down a frustrated, isolated scientist working on a possible medical miracle, in the hopes that this discovery can save the man’s kids from dying of a rare disorder.

Fraser’s performance was compelling and heart-wrenching as the father who will do whatever it takes to save his children, no matter what the costs. Like John Crowley, whom he portrayed in the film, Fraser has three children of his own, making his character’s pathos all the more credible.

Brendan Fraser is a real-life hero, as well. He is on the board of directors for FilmAid International, which uses film’s power of storytelling to actually empower people in impoverished parts of the world. The organization’s causes vary from HIV/AIDS to tuberculosis; from landmine awareness to gender-based violence.

Fraser is also a supporter of Kids Cancer Connection, which provides support to children with cancer and helps boost their self-esteem.

All this from the guy who starred in such goofy flicks as “George of the Jungle” and “Encino Man?” I certainly look forward to Brendan’s next project, whatever that may be.

Well, I better go, because we are supposed to be leaving in seven minutes. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or stories to share! E-mail me at:

Remember to watch and share the following video from Telemundo Orlando:

Bon voyage!

Laurita 🙂


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