Day 116- Cristina Saralegui

This being my first full day in Puerto Rico, I didn’t really expect to do anything special. In fact, we spent the day here at my aunt Lavinia’s house. We had breakfast here, which consisted of espresso coffee, and a delectable assortment of typical pastries from a nearby bakery. We had our lunch here, too. My aunt grilled some burgers on the barbecue, and we sat on the patio, enjoying the tropical breeze. Then, after the sun set, and the coquis (tree frogs) began their mirthful nocturnal song, we gathered in the marquecina (a garage of sorts), and my cousin Eduardo strummed his Spanish guitar while we belted out familiar tunes.

My aunt always being the perfect hostess, she served us pita chips, cheese and olives, along with hummus and some lemonade (not for kids!).

In short, both the day and the evening were idyllic, and it was the kind of experience you would expect to have at a spiritual retreat, disconnected from modern civilization. (Never mind that I spent the better part of my day cradling my iPhone.)


The Latina talk show host is passionate about helping HIV/AIDS organizations.

Anyhow, being in a technically Latin American country (I say “technically” because it is also a Caribbean island), I feel compelled to reach out to other members of the Latino community. Tonight I will talk to you about Cristina Saralegui, who is better known in the public eye as just “Cristina.”

Cristina left Cuba after the Revolution (need I specify which?), and moved to Miami, and became editor of the Spanish-language Cosmopolitan in the 1980s. Her Univision talk show, “El Show de Cristina,” has garnered her much critical acclaim, and she has been hailed as the “Spanish Oprah.”

What you usually don’t hear about her is that she is a passionate activist for the HIV/AIDS cause, and created the Up With Life Foundation to advance her efforts for this condition. Cristina also supports the American Foundation for AIDS Research, as well as the National Parks Conservation Association.

Tomorrow, I will hopefully begin working on drafting a message for Cristina’s show’s Web site, to “share my story.” Right now, I don’t have the presence of mind to write something like that which will take more time. Please stay tuned these next few days, even if you’re busy drinking eggnog and wrapping presents. There may even be a surprise in store!

Remember to watch and please share the following video, from Telemundo Orlando:


Laurita ♥


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