Day 120- Olga Tañón


The Puerto Rican merenguera has received accolades for her charitable efforts.

Here in sunny Puerto Rico, it’s hard to keep from dancing to the rhythm. So, musicians and artists keep coming to mind who should be among our daily heroes. One of these is Olga Tanon, who is also from the Island of Enchantment.

The singer, known for her work in the genre of merengue, is so popular in her native country, that in 1995, the Puerto Rican Senate declared November 9th “El Dia de Olga Tanon” (“Olga Tanon Day”).

In 1999, Tanon was honored with the Spirit of Hope award for her charity work at the Billboard International Latin Music Awards. These works that have earned her great recognition include her support of the Pediatric AIDS Center in Puerto Rico. She also is a great help to Hogar Cuna San Cristobal, a home for pregnant teenagers.

But, her kindness for others doesn’t stop there. Olga participated in “Hispanos Unidos por New York,” a concert that raised $402,590 for the United Way’s September 11th Fund and the Hispanic Federation Fund.

It really is fun and encouraging to write about some truly awesome people, and the unique ways that they have chosen to give back. There are simply too many tabloids out there spreading vicious stories, many of them falsehoods. When you begin to see celebrities in a better light, you really begin to see all of humankind in a better light.

My allergies are still bothering me, but I spent a pretty good day just “chilling” and getting my strength back. It’s a good thing, too, since I suspect there are a few festivities coming soon!

Here’s a random piece of trivia for you: Did you know that many people with spina bifida develop a severe latex allergy? This is due to the overexposure to latex products (such as gloves), particularly in the early years of life, when a child undergoes many critical surgeries. I, myself, have reacted quite a few times, especially at the dentist’s office. My advice– try to schedule an appointment early in the day, since the office is usually cleaned at the end of the day. That way, the air is cleaner and more free of latex powder. Just a little tidbit of information for all you spina bifida families!

I hope you have by now guessed that it’s not latex that’s floating around in the air and pestering me. No– it’s everything else.

May God  *sniffles* Bless you,

Laurita 😉


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