Day 124- Gilberto Santa Rosa

A "salsero" legend, Santa Rosa dances to the beat of his humble, generous heart.

Happy New Year and Feliz 2010 from “Holdin’ Out for a Hero!” It’s truly been an amazing year for me, and hopefully for the rest of the spina bifida and hydrocephalus global family.

Here in Puerto Rico, we have just rung in the new year. Tonight I write about a salsa artist from the island whose classy reputation is famous all over, Gilberto Santa Rosa.

In Panama, Santa Rosa is revered for his work benefiting the Teleton 20-30, which helps hospitals in the Central American nation.

I’m really having a hard time writing as there are novelty explosives of all sorts going off, and I’m beginning to lose it. I’m extremely sensitive to loud noises, possibly due to the hydrocephalus. It’s very unnerving, and at the same time frustrating for me to not be able to participate in all the festivities with the same level of enthusiasm as everyone else.

In an hour, my hometown of Orlando gets to experience the same thing. Wonderful.

But, paranoia aside, I want to express my deepest gratitude for everyone who has been a part of the “Holdin’ Out for a Hero” venture (or adventure!) thus far. Many of you have honestly become like an online family to me, and are constantly a source of guidance and comfort to me.

I have actually learned so much about spina bifida since I began this journey, and sometimes it amazes me just how much I did not know.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your stories, your ideas, and your lives with me. Without them, my blog would be very static and two-dimensional. Instead, you have made it into a diversified, multi-faceted project that, as of yet, knows no boundaries.

And I doubt that it will anytime soon.

May you all be very blessed during 2010 and far beyond,

Laurita 😉


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