Day 126- Prince William

He has visited the poor in Africa on several occasions. He has dutifully served in the military. And, in late December, it was reported that he slept on the streets of London to find out what it would feel like to be homeless.

He is second in line to the British throne.

Someday our hero will come...

He is none other than Prince William, son of the late and beloved Princess Diana and Charles, Prince of Wales. As a philanthropist and international humanitarian, Prince William has proven himself to be just as down-to-earth and conscientious as his mother.

When she died tragically in 1997, Princess Diana left her sons a legacy of serving others. It is a legacy that has been followed by them to this day. As reported on the Look to the Stars Web site, Prince William was jokingly challenged to spend a night on the bitter, cold streets of London. He seriously accepted.

Perhaps a lesson to take away from this: do not joke with the Prince. He is an avid supporter of Centrepoint, a charity in the United Kingdom which strives to improve the lives of homeless people. Also following in his mother’s footsteps, he helps the National AIDS Trust, and has become Royal Patron to Tusk, a trust committed to the preservation of wildlife and the support of community programs across Africa.

So, while this prince has worn the hat of a pauper, an environmentalist, and a crusader, what he should be crowned is the King of Hearts. But, don’t look for him in your deck of playing cards. This is one Restless Royal, and it’s only a matter of time before he picks up and leaves, to trek the globe once more.

Thanks for reading this “double feature” tonight! I hope to soon get caught up with my letters again. Surely, I can’t lose momentum when so many people with spina bifida are waiting for their “hero.” In fact, here’s a new update for you on your spina bifida stats: An E-mail from the SBA recently stated that the number of people with SB in the U.S. jumped from 77,000 to a whopping 166,000 in 2009! That may not be good news for scientists and others who think folic acid is working to prevent spina bifida, but it certainly means that we are not alone. Let’s make a resolution for 2010: let’s make this the year to mobilize our friends and families, and for sure our acquaintances with SB!

Because we can’t afford to “hold out” much longer…

Laurita  ♥


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