Day 132- Dan Marino

Although he retired from his football career, Marino's noble efforts have him still scoring touchdowns!

Dolphins have always been among my favorite animals. At least, they’re one of my favorite species that I’m not allowed to keep as a pet. (I have an adorable yellow parakeet.)

Other than that, I’m afraid my knowledge of the Miami Dolphins, or any football team, for that matter, is limited. But, if there’s one subject I’m always eager to learn more about, it’s “heroes.” Dan Marino is a real-life hero to many children. Through the Dan Marino Foundation,  Marino established The Miami Children’s Hospital Dan Marino Center. The center is described as “an integrated neurodevelopmental center specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of children at risk for developmental and psychological problems.”

Marino himself has a son diagnosed with autism, and has avidly campaigned along with other NFL colleagues for public awareness of autism spectrum disorders.

Besides offering specialized treatment in areas such as speech therapy, physical therapy, and opthalmology (to name just a few), Marino’s center also boasts recreational activities that help these children to acquire and improve upon certain life skills. Some of these activities include creative art, karate, music, aqua therapy, and other services.

I was really touched when I read about Marino’s personal motivation for creating the center. It just goes to show that “disability” (as it is often referred to by society) doesn’t discriminate– it can affect anybody at any given time.

And now, a little about me. I had a pretty good day today, and not because I did anything amazing, but because it was pretty peaceful. It’s nearing freakishly cold temperatures here (“freakish” for Orlando, anyway). Last night, while in bed all bundled up in everything, I reached for my water thermos– and fell out of bed. The sharp edge of the dresser hit the side of my ribcage– ouch. Fortunately, I had no serious injuries– just a minor near-death experience. Just thought I’d share ’cause it hurt.

So, anyway, it supposedly may snow tonight– or early in the morning. I’m pretty excited about the remote possibility of the foreign precipitation. And now I’m rambling. Awesome.

Well, it’s been fun, but what I really need to be doing right now is going to bed. A little prayer goes out to all of you that you stay warm during this harsh winter. Bring on the tea and hot cocoa!


Laurita 🙂

P.S. I want to point out that I did not mention my “injury” for any reason related to spina bifida, but only because I thought you should know that I am pathologically clumsy.


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