Day 133- Don Cheadle

I have lived here in Orlando for about twenty years, and I have never experienced weather of these drastic proportions! It looks like somebody told Florida to “take a chill pill.” Well, we listened good. My hands are somewhat numb even now by the cold. Still, it was priceless to explore my yard, which this afternoon boasted tiny crystal icicles hanging from the leaves of many trees. It was absolutely beautiful.

Another rebel with a cause, Cheadle and his fellow A-Listers have teamed up to save Darfur.

So, yes. That was the Great Floridian Blizzard of 2010. Meanwhile, I believe in trying to make my own Christmas miracles.  Actor Don Cheadle is creating a few miracles of his own. Along with fellow actors  Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Matt Damon, and also with the help of film producer Jerry Weintraub, Cheadle formed Not On Our Watch, an organization dedicated to ending “mass atrocities” like the genocide crisis in Darfur.

Additionally, Cheadle supports US Doctors for Africa, and Jewish World Watch, which seeks to eliminate crimes against humanity.

Oh yeah– and Don doesn’t mind losing his shirt for a cause, either. That’s why he organized a poker tournament called Ante Up For Africa, where the $5,000 buy-in was donated to help the crisis in Darfur, along with whatever winnings the players donated.

In an increasingly greedy environment (as Hollywood can often be!), Cheadle stands out as a man who is never afraid to go against the current to stand up for what he believes in.

Anyway, I have to go now. My fingers are about to fall off– possibly to frostbite. (Okay, not really frostbite.) We’re having a “movie night” here at home, so good night all, and remember to grab your Snuggies from the closet!


Laurita  ♥


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