Day 136- Project Take Action

Instead of merely "holdin' out" for their heroes, Project Take Action is becoming the heroes that we all seek!

I may have at least a few friends on Facebook who will truly appreciate this entry! Today, I am not writing about a nonprofit organization whose reputation speaks for itself, one that has spanned generations. Tonight, I have decided to profile an organization that is still getting its feet wet, but is certain to make a splash very soon! Project Take Action was founded in 2008 by Ryan Belmore and Michael Watson, two people “who believed in the power of a youth movement as an opportunity for positive social change both locally and globally.”

All of the group’s members are volunteers, and most of them are young people who are college grads or professionals, or just members of the community.

Also a part of this innovative collaboration is Jennifer Bechard, one of my “sisters in hydrocephalus!” She is a truly amazing person with lots of energy and passion who wants to make a difference, and she’s doing just that as their “12 Steps to Help” program director, the Detroit Hydrocephalus Walk Co-Chair, and the woman behind the “Just Believe” blog, which encourages others to make a difference, while educating about hydrocephalus.

Project Take Action was born in Coventry, Rhode Island, but now, with the increasing power of the web, there’s no doubt in my mind that this initiative will grow exponentially. With no specific cause as their own, the project exists to serve other organizations, and any and all funds donated go to organizations that have partnered with them.

I strongly urge you all to check out their Web site:

…as well as their Facebook page:

Through volunteerism and social action, hopefully this budding network will blossom into a do-good craze!

And now, I’d like to make special mention of two events that have taken place recently. First off, I want to express how deeply saddened I was at the passing on of Miep Gies, the last remaining “helper” of Anne Frank and her family. Gies, who died yesterday, had reportedly been in good health considering her age, but had apparently taken ill recently. She was one of the five brave and noble people who helped hide Anne Frank, her family, and four other people (eight in total), in the office building where she worked for Otto Frank (Anne’s father).

As much as I love to acknowledge the rise of a hero, I grieve to have to acknowledge the death of a hero, as well. Miep Gies left a legacy of tolerance, compassion, and integrity that I would be only too honored to attempt to follow.

I’d like to point out that Anne Frank has been one of my biggest heroes since I was a child. Although she went about documenting her life in a considerably different format, still, she has inspired my writing style and the issues I have chosen to address in my writing.

The second thing I would like to mention is that I was devastated to hear of the massive earthquake in Haiti when I got home today. My entire heart goes out to the people of Haiti, and my prayers are with everyone affected by this horrible tragedy. It may be too early for this, but as soon as the Red Cross begins asking for donations, I hope to rummage through my closet for clothes to send to them. I would like to encourage everyone to donate whatever they can, be it money or goods, to the Red Cross when they announce the need. We each have our own causes to support, but sometimes there comes a moment when we need to drop everything and just help another human being in need, whatever the cause may be.

Right now, the American Red Cross is accepting online donations to its International Relief Fund at:
Thank you to all who are reading this, and let’s continue reaching out to one another!


Laurita ♥


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