Day 147- Johnny Depp

It’s been one of those bizarre, interesting, simple, boring days. We’ve got someone working on replacing our front door with a new, hopefully more stylish one, so the past few days have been spent making trips to The Home Depot and arguing over whether chrome and nickel are the same color (they aren’t).

Honestly, I’ve been finding some peace and sanity in reading the Bible and praying. Now, I am not one of those ultra-disciplined people who can start reading a book and plow right through it. I’m not even going in order. But I find it comforting to feel that I have a purpose in this world. That is one of the reasons I started this blog; because I felt that there was a need for someone with spina bifida and hydrocephalus to share their life.

Today, I got to take a brief break from the sounds of hammering and drilling in my house when I went to Church. I didn’t have the best experience at a church I went to several years ago, where I was an altar server, so I was very surprised once I started attending Mass elsewhere. They are welcoming, accepting, and they embrace me wholeheartedly. Part of my past anxiety was due to the fact that, upon initially meeting me, many people tend to doubt my abilities. They don’t trust that I know exactly what my limits are. This isn’t the case at the parish I attend now. In fact, as a lector, it seems they like to put me to work the most! It is a constant reminder that we, as fellow humans, need to encourage each other by highlighting each others’ strengths, and not the weaknesses.

The swashbucklin' Depp may have played a badboy pirate, but the talented actor has a genuinely decent heart. Savvy?

But enough preaching. Tonight, I’ll tell you about a man whose acting talent has transcended several generations. Johnny Depp has clearly evolved in his craft since his “Crybaby” days. Most recently, the perpetually youthful Johnny starred in Tim Burton’s “Sweeney Todd,” as the title role and “Alice in Wonderland,” as the Mad Hatter.

When he isn’t donning bizarre costumes and wigs for his movie roles, Depp is busy supporting charities such as Dogs Deserve Better, the Northampton Welfare Rights Advice Service, the Helen & Douglas House, and the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

He’s a recipient of the Courage to Care award for his contributions to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Johnny’s so passionate about giving back, he even donated his undies for a charity auction benefiting the Helen & Douglas House! (The “unmentionables” brought in a whopping £1600– about $3,000!)

So, it just goes to show that, like fine wine (which I read is another passion of Depp’s!), Johnny only seems to be getting better with age.

Here’s another reminder to all of you interested in helping out Haiti. Remember to visit for a complete listing of bonafide organizations accepting donations to help the people of Haiti affected by the earthquake. Let’s continue to keep them, and all the people of the world who are suffering, in our hearts and in our prayers.

Much Love,

Laurita ♥


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