Day 150- Jorge Ramos

As a respected Mexican journalist in America, Ramos has embraced his unique opportunity to tell the stories of his fellow minorities.

The story of Jorge Ramos is really that of the “American Dream.” Born in México, Ramos arrived in the U.S. in 1983 with a student visa. To make ends meet, he waited tables and worked as a cashier. After taking a course in T.V. journalism, Ramos got a job at an Univision affiliate, KMEX, in L.A.

It wasn’t until November of 1986 that he finally landed the “dream job”– anchorman at Univision– albeit, at the tender age of 28.

Since then, he has relayed breaking U.S. news to the public in Spanish, while also sharing the news that hits home with his audience members– stories from the Latin American countries.

Throughout the years, Ramos has received many accolades for his work, including several Emmy awards for his reporting and documentary work, the Rubén Salazar Award by the National Council of La Raza, the Ron Brown Award from the National Child Labor Committee for “helping young people overcome prejudice and discrimination,” and the Maria Moors Cabot Award from the University of Columbia.

As you can see, Ramos definitely breaks down the archaic notion of the journalist as a dispassionate informer. He pours his heart into his stories, and America has responded by sharing their stories with him.

After all, where’s the fun in journalism if you can’t right a few social wrongs along the way?

Today was Valencia, tomorrow is UCF once again. I go in an optimistic mood, though. There’s always lots to do, and lots to take in. My goal this semester is to overcome any remaining social awkwardness from my high school days and develop a strong social life within the university setting. Needless to say, my online social life has been a wonderful experience for me since I began writing this blog. But, of course, I can’t allow myself to rely too heavily on the Internet for friendships.

So, on that introspective note, I’m signing off. Please keep spreading the word about this blog, like a wildfire!

If you’d like to contribute to a relief organization for victims of the Haiti earthquake, please visit, where you will find a thorough listing of different charities, categorized by the needs they meet.

God Bless, good night, and good luck,

🙂 Laura


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