Day 153- United Cerebral Palsy

I want to start off by thanking everybody who prayed for my cousin Nayomi’s surgery. Thankfully, it went well, and she is home, although she felt very sick earlier during the day. When Mom and I stopped by to see her, she was doing much better…and would not stay put! She was seriously all over the place, as five-year-olds are wont to do. Later on, around bedtime, she complained of a violent earache when her mom gave her her prescribed eardrops. The eardrops, which were prescribed to prevent infection, apparently unleashed the pain. Soon enough, though, we were able to soothe her, Mom and I took turns telling her a bedtime story, and she fell fast asleep.

My allergies have been acting up again, so I am under the effects of Benadryl (no alcohol this time!). Bear with me.


Founded in 1949, UCP has been serving children and adults with different challenges all over the country.

I sent an E-mail to United Cerebral Palsy at their national headquarters. I would like to write them a letter, as well. UCP is a national organization that was established 60 years ago and is “committed to change and progress for persons with disabilities.” According to their Web site (, “UCP affiliates serve more than 176,000 children and adults with disabilities and their families every day.” UCP provides a wide range of services for people, depending on their specific needs, including therapy, individual and family support, early intervention initiatives, assistance with employment and advocacy. This all-encompassing, comprehensive approach to improving the quality of life of an individual prepares him or her for the best opportunities available.

Among many other things, UCP provides educational institutions for children with special needs. This setting allows the kids to socialize and interact with each other, while learning critical life skills.

I really hope that this organization will respond positively to my plea, as I’ve been fortunate to know several people who work with UCP, and their mission is truly remarkable.

Please keep tuning in each day (or night, depending on when I get the chance to post!), to find out the latest in my quest for public awareness of spina bifida and hydrocephalus.

Also, please visit to learn about how you can help the people of Haiti. They are counting on our support.


Laura ♥


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